Hazardous Materials Program (HMP)

The Hazardous Materials Program is responsible for the removal, transportation, segregation, consolidation and storage of potentially hazardous materials and chemicals in compliance with state and federal regulations. 

What We Do

The Hazardous Material Program handles a vast array of hazardous materials but specializes in dealing with asbestos, lead, mercury contaminated material, and PCB containing caulk.  The HMP also provides trained personnel for sterilization of the University’s BSL-3 labs using vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP). Below is a breakout of some of what we do:

  • Perform asbestos and lead training for approximately 450-500 University employees each year.
  • Provide air monitoring, and bulk sampling for asbestos, lead, mercury, and PCB caulking.  Along with the monitoring and sampling, HMP holds the records required by law for these activities.
  • Provide management services for abatement projects. Our group will assist with design, budgeting, bidding and management of the environmental project.
  • HMP always gives multiple solutions to environmental issues and assists with interpreting and implementing Minnesota Department of Health, Occupational Safety and Health, and Minnesota Pollution Control regulations.
  • Work to provide a safe environment for Students, Faculty and Staff to study and do their work.

How We Do It

HMP is composed of an abatement group and a consultation group.  We handle all size of projects ranging from small clean ups to $750,000 abatement jobs. We have a crew of 8-10 abatement workers and six in-house consultants.  If a job is too large for us to handle in-house we will bid it out to a contractor and manage the project. HMP also strives to have annual contracts for abatement contractors and environmental consultants so that we can always respond in a timely manner.

Additional Information

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Contact Information

Administrative Offices
Hazardous Materials &
Asbestos Abatement Program
883 29th Ave. SE
Suite 102
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Hazardous Materials Supervisor
Sean Gabor
Phone: 612-625-7547
Cell: 612-875-8857
E-mail: gabor002@umn.edu 

Work Requests

Use the Work Request Form (MS Word) to request services. Please email all work requests to gabor002@umn.edu.