Custodial Service Level Standards

University custodians are responsible for cleaning more than ten million square feet in more than 250 buildings on the Twin Cities campus daily. Custodial staff provide cleaning services in a cost effective, efficient and environmentally sound manner. We maintain a safe and healthy working environment for students, faculty and staff to support to University’s mission of teaching, research, and outreach.

The Custodial hours of operation are: 

FIRST SHIFT 5:00 am - 1:30 pm Monday - Friday Routine Custodial Coverage
SECOND SHIFT 5:00 pm - 1:30 am Monday - Friday Routine Custodial Coverage
THIRD SHIFT 9:30 pm - 6:00 am Monday - Friday Routine Custodial Coverage

If you need additional custodial coverage or if the following standards are not met contact the Call Center at 612-624-2900.

Maroon Standards

Click on the image below  to view the complete maroon standards chart.

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Definition of Tasks

Auto-scrub/mop floors. Using appropriate size auto-scrub machine and following manufacturer’s directions, auto-scrub area thoroughly, ensuring that corner areas are cleaned, using a mop in the areas the machine cannot reach.

Carpet Extraction Cleaning. After moving portable furniture and spotting and vacuuming floor, clean entire carpet with extraction machine according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Allow to dry overnight.
Note:  Customer will be asked to pick up personal belongings prior to carpet extraction.

Chalk Boards.  Clean board completely in General Purpose Classrooms. Wet wipe chalk rails. Clean/Exchange erasers as necessary, replace supplies as needed.

Clean/disinfect all fixtures.  Restroom fixtures will be cleaned with an approved chemical.

Clean restroom partitions and doors. Wipe partitions and walls clean with approved cleaning solution.

Clean trash cans/recycling containers. Spray inside of container with approved cleaner.  Wipe out and replace liner.
Note: “Recycling Containers” are the University of Minnesota’s recycling program containers. Grey receptacles with Maroon (cans/bottles), Gold (newspaper/magazines) and Grey (Office paper) tops for identification.  There is a fourth container for Trash only with no top.  Trash container must be emptied daily.

Clean drinking fountain.  Wipe all surfaces of fixture with approved cleaner.

Detail floor – vacuum/mop.   Vacuum entire floor including edge vacuuming corners, baseboards and under moveable furniture.  Mop entire floor including edge mopping and under moveable furniture.

Dust all surfaces/vents.  Wipe down surfaces and dust surfaces which are free of objects, including vents, ledges, window sills, and cubicle partitions. In General Purpose Classrooms: dust blinds, with a treated tool, wipe down closed blind on both sides.

Empty pencil sharpeners.  Open and empty into a trash receptacle. Reinstall holder and wipe off unit with dust rag.

Empty recycling system containers.  Recycling containers will be emptied when the container becomes ½ full or weekly.  Desk side recycling service is not provided.  Batteries are recycled when the battery container next to the quad system is full.

Empty trash containers.  Carry container to cart and empty.  Replace liner if necessary.
Police floors.  Pick up litter, debris (Any objects on floor including paper, cans, bottles, pens, pencils, books, etc.).  Spot vacuum, spot mop.

Power wash walls/floors.  Using pressure washer machine follow manufacturers direction and thoroughly clean the walls and floors
of a hard surface area. 

Re-finish floors.  Hard surface floors will be scrubbed and assessed on the amount of finish that will be applied to deliver a polished appearance.

Replenish supplies:

    1. Restroom supplies - refill soap and paper dispensers, making sure they are operational.
    2. General purpose classrooms supplies will be replenished.  Departmental classrooms, conference rooms, and break-out rooms are the department’s responsibility. 

Snow removal.  Clear snow as needed from stairways, steps and entrances.

Spot carpet care.  Area that has been stained will be cleaned appropriately by carpet extractor.

Spot clean desk.  Wipe down work surfaces and other flat surfaces with a treated rag in General Purpose Classrooms.

Spot-clean walls and doors.  Remove finger smudges, spots, or graffiti from walls and doors as required with appropriate cleaning materials.

Wet-mop/auto-scrub floors.  Wet-mop or auto-scrub floor using appropriate chemical. 

White board.  Clean board completely in General Purpose Classrooms. Wet wipe marker rails. Clean/Exchange erasers as necessary, replace supplies as needed.

Services Available at Additional Cost to Department

Time and Material services consist of chair cleaning, upholstery cleaning, personal items, fridges, microwaves, washing walls and blind cleaning.

Fixed fee services consist of conventions, large meetings and concerts.  Please contact the call center 4-2900 for these services. 
Note:  In dealing with emergencies, the resources needed to achieve these service levels will be redirected.  Therefore, this service level may be delayed. Emergencies (ex. Flood, Snow emergency and snow removal) impacting custodial service delivery should be reported to the department contact prior to start of business the following day.)