Virtual Warehouse

All over the world, people and institutions are doing what they can to adjust to changing times and the changing environment. Our University is no different. Since its inception, the ReUse Program has been working diligently to serve the University and its faculty, while taking the steps necessary to improve and conserve the environment. The program is taking that initiative to the next level with the introduction of the Virtual Warehouse.

The Virtual Warehouse, much like Craigslist and Freecycle, is an online exchange available exclusively for faculty and staff from all five of the University's campuses statewide, interconnecting staff members from all departments. Faculty and staff can view and exchange items that are posted in the Virtual Warehouse, as well post inquiries about certain items they may be looking for. With this new program, the ReUse Program continues to bring convenience to University faculty and staff with the goal of increasing total tons diverted from the landfill.

The Virtual Warehouse allows the ReUse program to alleviate campus buildings of used or unwanted office equipment, tables, chairs, desks and about anything else you can think of and redirect it to a place where it is desired. Now, instead of coming into the warehouse to browse the items, you can access a seemingly endless amount of items at your fingertips by joining the Virtual Warehouse.

The Virtual Warehouse is exclusively available to faculty and staff only; students are not able become members or access the exchange. The ReUse Program does not facilitate exchanged between faculty and staff. The ReUse Program is simply providing the outlet for exchanges to faculty and staff. Questions on the Virtual Warehouse should be directed to

The presence of the Virtual Warehouse furthers the ReUse Program's conservation efforts by reducing greenhouse gases by limiting the number of manufactured goods, clearing University buildings of debris and unwanted equipment.

Become a member of the Virtual Warehouse today and continue to help us limit costs and return as much equipment and revenue back to the University as possible with this new and exciting tool.

Log on to and start exchanging today!

a view of the isles inside the reuse center