Toner Reuse

Let the ReUse Program Handle Your Used Printer Cartridges

Since the establishment of our ReUse pickup routes September 1st, those of us at the ReUse Program have been brainstorming ways to make our trips out more efficient and more productive, and to provide more and better services to our customers in the process.

Currently, many departments send their used toner and ink cartridges to the ReUse Program, and we already work with fax and printer cartridge remanufacturers to ensure that these cartridges are handled in an environmentally sound manner – and in most cases, refilled and reused. While there are outside vendors that provide the same service, from an environmental standpoint the fewer trucks pulling in and out of building docks, the better. Additionally, our relationships with remanufacturers allow us to generate revenues from these materials for the University. It all adds up!

What we are asking you to do is simply leave your used cartridges at your dock for us to pick up on your building's pickup day. Put them back into their original box, if you still have it. Mark them for "Reuse" simply, perhaps with a marker on the packaging or a Post-It note, and leave them somewhere out of the way. When we visit to retrieve any surplus property, we will pick them up as well.

If your building is not serviced by the ReUse Program, campus mail is another option for used toner.

ReUse Program Warehouse
Facilities Management/Central Services
125 AHCWare
Campus Delivery Code: 5501
883 29th Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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