Sending Items to Reuse

For University Faculty and Staff:

The University is a place where things can change rapidly. A room set up for one purpose may be needed for another just a few years later. With the emergence of rapidly changing technologies, certain equipment may no longer suit a department that needs to stay on the cutting edge – but might remain useful to another.

The Reuse Program is here to make sure that University assets no longer needed in one place find a home elsewhere and benefit the University as a whole. The ReUse Program turns assets unneeded in one place into savings for other University departments or into revenue to support our facilities.

If you have capital equipment that you no longer need you must first request disposal of the property through Inventory Services. You may download the appropriate form from the University of Minnesota policy library. After approval, the asset tag should be removed. From there, the item may be transferred to the ReUse Program.

For non-capital equipment, the process is even simpler. On September 1st, 2010, ReUse routes began.  You simply figure out when the ReUse route drivers will come by your building and have your surplus property at the designated pick-up location on that day, clearly marked – one good way to clearly mark your surplus is with this convenient form (PDF). The ReUse Program route drivers will handle the property from there.

We are unable to come inside your building or move items out for you.

Our apologies but with over a hundred buildings to visit every week we run a tight schedule. Each building’s designated pickup location has been chosen to be easily accessible to both your department and to our route drivers. If you need help getting items there we suggest contacting your department management for advice. In certain cases, such as large construction projects or major reconfiguring, waiting for pickups from a loading dock with limited space may not be the best option. Contact your building management and the ReUse Program for advice in these special circumstances.

The ReUse Program will try to make the process as painless as possible for you. It is Facilities Management policy, and encouraged for the University as a whole, that all surplus property and materials go through ReUse and Recycling segments of the waste management division to recover value and to ensure that all materials are handled in an environmentally sound manner. Thank you for helping us hold down costs and return as much equipment and revenue back to the University as possible.

Desks available at reuse

Send your reusable classroom and office furnishings to Reuse!

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