Sales Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

    • We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover (checks are not accepted).
    • University departments must provide their EFS string (Fund – DeptID – Program/Project) and their building address. There is no charge for reuse within the University for most materials at the ReUse warehouse.  Some exceptions include materials we repair, refurbish or have an expense associated with.  Some high value or vintage items are also not available for free to departments without a legitimate business need.  
    • All sales are conducted on-site at the ReUse Warehouse.
    • Displayed prices are non-negotiable for the first 30 days after an item is first offered for sale to the public. This date is displayed on every price tag.
    • We deliver to University building docks for the small fee of $45 for the first 100 pounds and $7.50 for every additional 100 pounds.
    • If suitable transportation is not possible at time of purchase, we will hold items at our facility for one week after payment is made. After one week, we will restock held items and offer them for sale.
    • All items are sold as is. No refunds, no exchanges. We recommend that customers carefully inspect and test items prior to purchase.

Desks available at reuse