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Textile Garage Sale

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The 17th Annual World's Largest Textile Garage Sale will be returning to the Reuse Program Warehouse April 20th - 22nd, 2017. This event is put on by the Textile Center in conjunction with us, the Reuse Program, and others. Individuals and businesses donate textiles that are then sold at reduced prices to you! Last year, there were over 2,200 shoppers, volunteers, and donators and $58,000 worth of materials were kept out of landfills by redistribution. Check out their website for information and for a complete guide to the Sale! 


Ever wonder what happens to all the banners displayed around campus once they are taken down? Unfortunately, the materials that make up these banners and signs do not have a recycling outlet, therefore over 600,000 tons of vinyl and mesh materials end up in landfills each year.

The ReUse Program is working to minimize this waste. In 2014, the ReUse program partnered with Relan to keep as much vinyl and mesh out of landfills as possible. Relan is a locally owned, sustainable business that creates ways to repurpose and re-market billboards, vinyl, mesh, and other fabric marketing materials into new products. Relan aims to give old materials new life by upcycling them into unique and individualized bags, totes, portfolios, etc.

The ReUse Program collects any used or discarded vinyl and mesh materials from around the Twin Cities campus to turn over to Relan. Relan takes the outdated or unusable banners, billboards, and other fabric like material to be cleaned up, cut, and sewn into one of a kind upcycled products.

The products can be found in a variety of colors and sizes at the ReUse Warehouse.  The merchandise is available for purchase both for the University community and the public.

We are asking departments around the University to donate any unused vinyl or mesh products to the ReUse program and keep it out of the trash! If your department or organization would like to place an order for purchase, it is encouraged you reach out to Relan.

Check out thier blog post on How Sustainability Impacts the College Admissions Process featuring the Unviersity of Minnesota!

Toner Reuse

Let the ReUse Program Handle Your Used Printer Cartridges

Since the establishment of our ReUse pickup routes September 1st, those of us at the ReUse Program have been brainstorming ways to make our trips out more efficient and more productive, and to provide more and better services to our customers in the process.

Currently, many departments send their used toner and ink cartridges to the ReUse Program, and we already work with fax and printer cartridge remanufacturers to ensure that these cartridges are handled in an environmentally sound manner – and in most cases, refilled and reused. While there are outside vendors that provide the same service, from an environmental standpoint the fewer trucks pulling in and out of building docks, the better. Additionally, our relationships with remanufacturers allow us to generate revenues from these materials for the University. It all adds up!

What we are asking you to do is simply leave your used cartridges at your dock for us to pick up on your building's pickup day. Put them back into their original box, if you still have it. Mark them for "Reuse" simply, perhaps with a marker on the packaging or a Post-It note, and leave them somewhere out of the way. When we visit to retrieve any surplus property, we will pick them up as well.

If your building is not serviced by the ReUse Program, campus mail is another option for used toner.

ReUse Program Warehouse
Facilities Management/Central Services
125 AHCWare
Campus Delivery Code: 5501
883 29th Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


2015 Environmental Initiative Awards Finalist

The ReUse Program's Pack and Give Back event was nominated as one of the finalists for the Environmental Initiative awards. The Pack and Give Back program was nominated and then selected as a finalist by some of the top environmental leaders in Minnesota. The program was a finalist for the Community Action award; this award celebrates programs that solve sustainability challenges on a community scale. Find out more about the ReUse Program's Pack and Give Back event on their page, and check out the Environmental Initiative page to discover more about the Environmental Initiative Awards.

Reuse Program Partners With Cell Phones For Soldiers

In our ongoing effort to reduce waste, the ReUse Program has partnered with Cell Phones for Soldiers. This nonprofit company started in 2004 and has since recycled more than 11.6 million cell phones. In their effort to connect soldiers with their families and loved ones back home, Cell Phones for Soldiers has sent an estimated 3 million prepaid calling cards to military members and veterans. Click Here to find out more about the University and the ReUse Program's involvement with Cell Phones for Soldiers. 

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Leave Your Checkbook at Home

The ReUse Program now accepts credit and debit cards. We will also no longer be accepting checks (but will still take cash). No more single use paper! 

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Upcoming Events

The 2016 Pack and Give Back Free Store will be at the ReUse Program warehouse opening August 29th. 

Reuse's annual bike sale will be taking place at on September 3rd.