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Coca-Cola's Art of Recycling Competition

It is time for the 2016 Art of Recycling competition! Student Unions & Activities and Coca-Cola have partnered again to host the contest that combines recycling, art, and an environmental message. Students are invited to use a wide variety of recycled materials in order to create an original piece, which creatively thinks about environmental issues. Entries are due on April 


  • Grand Prize - MacBook Pro
  • First Prize - $500 Gopher Gold gift card
  • Second Prize - $250 Gopher Gold gift card
  • Two Honorable Mentions - $50 Gopher Gold gift card

Zero-Waste Events

If your department or unit would like to hold a Zero-Waste Event, please review the Zero-Waste Event Guide then fill out a Zero-Waste Event Request Form.

“Zero Waste is a new way of looking at our waste stream. Instead of seeing used materials as garbage in need of disposal, discards are seen as valuable resources. A pile of 'trash' represents jobs, financial opportunity, and raw material for new products. For a zero waste event, all of discarded material should be diverted into recycling, composting and reusable streams.”  -


* Request form must be completed AT LEAST one week before event date 
* Event must collect 50 meals or more (can be divided over 2 or more mealtimes) 
* ABSOLUTELY NO non-compostable or non-recyclable material at event 
* A menu or caterer name must be provided with form

Acceptable Compostable Dining Ware

BPI Compostable Logo

Choosing compostable dining ware can be difficult when many products are boasted as eco-friendly and plant based. The Recycling Program will only accept products that are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. U Market stocks some of the products and more products can be purchased from local stores or at online retailers like Amazon. 

To aid you in your purchasing desicions, we have come up with some helpful links to the acceptable compostable products. 

U Market - Search for 'compostable' in the search box to view the acceptable dining ware.

BPI's Product Catalog - Their catalog has a compiled list of all certified products and the links to the products' home pages. 

We encourage you to call or email with any questions you might have about acceptable materials. 

recycling team at event

Contact Information

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Recycling Hotline: 612-625-8084