Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Tips

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Currently, less than 50% of all campus waste is currently recycled, due in part to many people routinely throwing out recyclables. By familiarizing yourself with campus recycling options and thinking about how to reuse or recycle items before trashing them, you can help us reach our goal of 50%. Here are a few tips on how you can decrease your waste trail.

Bulk Up. Buying in bulk saves money and wastes less packaging.

Don't be Marginal. Widening margins can save 5% in paper use. Ask your professors to count words instead of pages.

Be a Mug Bug. Instead of using disposable cups, bring a mug with you wherever.

Go Vintage. Shop at thrift and second hand stores to find trendy looks for less.

Buy Recycling Content. Buy purchasing materials made from recyclables you can contribute to the green cycle.

Get Loaded. Fill up dishwasher and laundry loads to reduce energy waste.

Get Down with you Green Self. Step away from those television and computer screens and get outside for some fun in nature.

Go Large. Buy yogurt, juice, pop, etc in larger containers that reduce the need for more smaller ones. Plus, your empty yogurt containers can be put to a variety of uses: food storage, planters, and bird feeders are just a few suggestions!

Redecorate with Re-Use. Visit the ReUse Center at 883 29th Avenue SE Minneapolis, MN 55414 for a whole new look and great prices.

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