Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recycle plastic or metal spiral bound notebooks?

Plastic and metal spiral bound notebooks can be placed in the Newspaper Plus bins. 

How do I dispose of excess paint, or paint related items?

Please call Chemical Waste at 612-626-1604. 

How do I dispose of fluorescent light bulbs or batteries?

Please call Chemical Waste at 612-626-1604.

How do I dispose of gasoline?

Please call Chemical Waste at 612-626-1604.

Does the Reuse program pick-up and drop-off items that are coming from, or going to the warehouse?

Yes. Please refer to ReUse for more information. 

What do I do with computers or computer equipment that I need to dispose of (whether if is functioning or not)?

Please contact Dynamic Recycling

How do I schedule a departmental clean-out?

For office or building clean-outs, the Recycling Program will supply large recycling containers on wheels (hampers) for your "file purge." For your assistance, a detailed list defining the acceptable materials and separation guidelines for office paper, files, magazines, books, journals, and reusable's is available. Separate hampers must be obtained for each material.

Who do I call to recycle confidential materials?

If you have confidential material that you would like picked up for recycling, call us at 612-625-6481 for assistance. We provide locked confidential containers and offer direct pickup from your office, however we are not HIPAA compliant. If you need a higher level of security, there are companies in the metropolitan area that can provide the confidential destruction and recycling of documents for a fee. Office Equipment Services (612-624-9836) at the University also has paper shredders available for rent.

Who do I notify about overflowing recycling or trash containers?

Indoor recycling and trash containers are handled by custodial staff. Call the Facilities Management Call Center at 612-624-2900 to report overflow. Outdoor containers are handled by U of M Landcare. For maintenance of outdoor containers, call 612-625-7361.

What is the Reuse Program?

The University ReUse Program has surplus office furniture, supplies, equipment, and parts, that are available to University departments or individuals for purchase. The Reuse Program is located at 883 29th Avenue, S.E., Minneapolis. Please call 612-626-9152 for more information or visit their website.

Who do I talk to about waste that I'm not sure how to dispose of?

For assistance on how to dispose of items, check the waste guide. If you still have questions after reviewing our guide, call the Recycling Hotline at 612-625-8084.

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