Quad System Containers

quad system with different containers

  • Trash only containers are labeled on the sides of the container. This bin is only for items that are not recyclable. 
  • Maroon lids are for all bottles and cans. 
  • Gold lids are for Newspaper + items. 
  • Grey lids are for office papers only. 

For a complete guide to what can go in each container check out the Recycling Guide

Download a guide of the Quad System (PDF)

Organics Container

single organics container with green lid

Organics recycling is being implemented across both campuses! These green bins are for food waste, paper towels, napkins, and other compostable items. Check out the Organics Recycling Guide for a complete list of items that are and are not compostable.

Residence Hall Recycling Towers

Stack-able containers in the Dorms

Three stackable containers will be placed in each Residence Hall Room on campus. The tower consists of bottles and cans, newspapers plus, and office paper containers. The color of the stackable container will match the lid of the recycling container in the Resident Hall recycling room.

Students are responsible for emptying their containers in the Resident Hall recycling room. 

Recycling Hampers

 General recycling hamper

General Recycling Hamper

Health Sciences Hamper

Health Sciences Recycling Hamper

Confidential Containers

confidential container
 Locked Hamper for Temporary Rental

Locked toter for departmental purchase

 Locked Toter for Departmental Purchase


Office paper recycling Brute

Office Paper Recycling Brute

Organics recycling Brute

Organics Recycling Brute (for large events)

Tailgating Containers

Cardboard bins