Preparing Buildings for Summer

Mechanics doing hands-on training

With summer approaching, we have begun transitioning buildings from heating to cooling season -- a process that takes several weeks. We will be posting regular updates to transition plans at the following links:

East Bank District (PDF)

Health Sciences District (PDF)

North Campus District (PDF)

St Paul District (PDF)

West Bank District (PDF)

Not sure which district your building is in? See our district map.

Unlike your home, the U's conversion process is not as simple as flipping a switch on an air conditioning unit. First, we drain antifreeze from the system. Then, we clean and test both pipes and pumps. Finally, cooling towers and coils are filled with water.

The towers and coils can't be filled too early because they can crack if night time temperatures dip below 29 degrees. If a coil breaks, it must be custom ordered and can leave an area without cooling for up to six weeks.

Despite our best efforts, some spaces may experience uncomfortable temperatures for a limited time. Our goal is to minimize this exposure. If you feel the temperature in your space is either too high or low, please contact the FM Call Center at 4-2900.