New Safety Incentive Program Begins

Safety is always a top priority for FM, and our safety incentive programs over the past few years have reinforced our commitment to workplace safety. The latest installment of our safety incentive program began January 1, 2014.

More than half of the participating teams (26 of 48) completed the previous program from start to finish (540 days) without a lost time injury, and all but one team completed the program before it ended in September. Those are great numbers, but we hope to improve on them during the new program.

From January 1, 2014, through December 31, 2016, every FM employee will be part of a team “competing” to work injury free. Each team member will receive a safety incentive award after achieving milestones for the number of days without a lost time work related injury. Here are the goals and rewards:

  • Level 1: 0-90 Days: ID Organizer
  • Level 2: 91-210 Days (120 Days): 15 oz. Ceramic Tumbler
  • Level 3: 211-360 Days (150): Polo Shirt
  • Level 4: 361-540 Days (180): Insulated Microfiber Vest

Some of the basic rules to the new program are:

  1. When achieving work team milestones, only team members on the team the day the milestone is achieved are eligible for an award.
  2. If a team member transfers to a new team:
    • The team member is assigned the current level of achieved days of the new team.
    • A team member can only be awarded for a milestone level once.
    • If transferring to a team which has already achieved a milestone level, the team member is not awarded for past milestones achieved by the new team.
    • Team members are not awarded for their old team’s milestone achievement once they have left the team.
  3. All full time and part time Facilities Management employees are eligible for the program.  Student workers whom have worked a minimum of 30 days for Facilities Management prior to their work team reaching the milestone are also eligible. 

Keep track of your team’s progress. We will be posting monthly status reports to FM communication boards and the safety page on FM’s website: Should you have any questions about the program, please contact your local FM Safety professional or area safety committee member:

Central Services:    Jason Grode, Jerry Meissner
East Bank:    Gary Mosiman, Ken Wander
Energy:    Steve DiNoble
Health Sciences:    Kyle Berger, Bob Pringle
St. Paul/West:    Mike McGill, Larry VanGrootheest

Ceramic mug and ID organizer