FM Staff Win Four Star Performer Awards

The 2013 University Services Star Performers were named at the U Services Leadership Forum on Tuesday, December 17. FM Employees received four of the 13 awards presented this year. Star Performer awards are given out each Fall to University Services employees and teams of employees who have delighted their customers over the past year. Nominations are made by faculty, staff and students on the Twin Cities campus. Below is a list of the FM Star Performer Award Winners (and a close U Services Finance partner) and comments made about them at the presentation.

Paul Kelsey, B&G Worker (West Bank)

The nomination letter for Paul says that Paul represents the best of what a team member should be. His customers say that he is absolutely fantastic, is always cheerful, and is a great asset to the Law School. Paul always lends other employees and customers a hand when there is crisis, and regularly takes care of tasks outside his required work or does additional work when there is an absence. The Senior B&G who supervises Paul remarks that, "when he is assigned a task, even outside his area of responsibility, he does the task and I can be ensured it is done professionally." He does not need to be asked to help with time sensitive projects because he is there, planning and organizing how to get the work done efficiently and quickly. Paul has a "get it done" attitude. If he identifies that a customer's area has been missed from a previous shift, he doesn't place blame -- he just goes and completes the work, with a smile.

Becca Mathis, Administrative Assistant (U Construction)

Becca works at the front desk of U Construction where she is the first contact for people coming in to the office. She is always happy and smiling and very welcoming to all who visit U Construction. Her nominators say she is a hardworking, dependable, efficient, and friendly person and is always willing to help with their needs. They also share that you can tell she takes her job seriously but still has fun while doing it. Becca has developed multiple items for the PM roles to help streamline their process and systems, created spreadsheets, and works closely with groups throughout FM to make the construction process smoother and easier to navigate. Becca supports over 10 people and always gets tasks completed on the first request. There is hardly a need to proof her work before sending it out for distribution because of her thoroughness and attention to detail.

William "Bill" Stone, Pipefitter (St. Paul)

Bill has received accolades for his efforts as the lead Pipefitter when the roof-top chiller unit broke down at Bailey Hall during move in this past fall. I think we all remember the near-100° temperatures and sweltering dewpoints that last week of August. Bill was instrumental in communicating with various other trades within Facilities Management supporting efforts to provide cooling to the residents of Bailey Hall. He worked an average of 12 hours for three days straight in very unbearable weather on the roof of the building, and also volunteered himself to be on-call after hours and during Labor Day weekend. Bill demonstrated sincere care and concern as he worked diligently to make our student residents comfortable during that two week period of hot and humid weather, another excellent example of a U Services team member working to provide a memorable student experience and to optimize our physical assets.

OHR Donhowe Remodel Team

Richard Cartier, Construction Project Manager (U Construction)
Anika Carlsted, Space Planner (CPPM)

In this OHR Donhowe Remodel team nomination (CPPM's Anika Carlsted was also a Star Performer), Rich was recognized for quickly learning about OHR as a unit and what they were trying to achieve with the space. He was accommodating to their needs, but also clear and helpful when some aspects needed more thought. Rich's sense of pride and absolute delight in how these projects have turned out was a great surprise to the OHR staff. Rich truly cares about the quality and craftsmanship of the work performed, and it shows in the results – which incidentally were also ahead of schedule! Anika was lauded for stepping in to a project already in motion, and Rick for his outstanding skills as a project manager. Anika's quick study, wealth of experience, and ability to seamlessly take on this role was called nothing short of amazing. Her skill set includes space management, design, and anthropology, bringing a very collaborative and interactive way to addressing concerns and assimilating feedback into the finished product. Anika spent a great deal of time researching and understanding how people feel about their work space, and how that space can support a work culture and productivity. They are another illustration of U Services working to optimize our physical assets.

Haley Moritz, Utility Accountant (U Services Finance)

Haley has been a tremendous asset to FM's utility accounting and engineering groups. She has taken a lot of initiative to understand and explain utility billing. For example, she worked understand how our system is connected in order to decipher the electric utility accounting system with all 500+ electric meters on the Twin Cities campus. Haley has created building by building comparisons so we're able to look at water data on the building level for the first time. She identifies unusual monthly meter readings and has determined possible causes prior to asking for engineering assistance. Five years ago, the City switched the U to a consolidated water bill, and those bills ceased to be transparent. Haley's work has been like an x-ray machine on the City's Water bills. She discovered the City was estimating our water consumption, and was able to make the case we were overcharged. This resulted in over $130,000 refunded to the University.

Star performer award
Star Performer Award

Paul Kelsey holding his star performer award
Paul Kelsey

Becca Mathis holding her star performer award
Becca Mathis

Bill Stone holding his star performer award
Bill Stone

Anika Carlsted and Richard Cartier holding their performance awards
Anika Carlsted and Richard Cartier

Haley Moritz holding her star performer award
Haley Moritz