Employee Anniversaries - April 2017

Thank you

Thank you for your years of service to the U!

40 Years

Les Potts, Landcare Manager, Landcare

20 Years

Ryan Mullaney, Locksmith, Locksmith Services

Mohamed Ahmed, Building & Grounds Worker, St. Paul 

15 Years

Robert Juettner, Pipefitter, North Campus

Fathia Abdi, Building & Grounds Worker, Health Sciences

10 Years

James Yobbie, Electrician, Health Sciences

John Sanocki, Quality & Work Control Agent, Call Center

LeRoy Engele, Facilities Team Manager, Health Sciences

Mohamed Donijiid, Sr. Building & Grounds Worker, East Bank

5 Years

Javier Navar, Senior Energy Engineer, Energy Management

Kerry Almen, Pipefitter, East Bank