2018 - 2019 Safety Incentive Program kickoff

Facilities Management safety incentive program

A new Safety Incentive Program for Facilities Management begins January 1, 2018.  Following the success of the last Safety Incentive Program, this new program will be very similar, where work teams will be awarded safety incentives for achieving work day milestones without a lost time injury.  Over the next two years, as work teams achieve each milestone without a lost time injury, the work team members will be awarded a safety incentive. The milestones to achieve are: Level 1 will be for the first 180 days, Level 2 will be for an additional 180 days, and Level 3 will be for an additional 180 days without a lost time injury. Level 1 will be an insulated tumbler, Level 2 will be a maroon and gold polo shirt and Level 3 incentive is a maroon and gold jacket.

The new program begins January 1, 2018 and will finish on December 31, 2019. Basic rules of the Safety Incentive Program are:

  1. When achieving work team milestones, only team members on the team the day the milestone is achieved are eligible for an award.

  2. If a team member transfers to a new team:

    1. The team member is assigned the current level of achieved days of the new team.

    2. A team member can only be awarded for a milestone level once.

    3. If transferring to a team which has already achieved a milestone level, the team member is not awarded for past milestones achieved by the new team.

    4. Team members are not awarded for their old team’s milestone achievement once they have left the team.

  3. All full time and part time Facilities Management employees are eligible for the program.  Student workers whom have worked a minimum of 30 days for Facilities Management prior to their work team reaching the milestone are also eligible.  

Work team records for going without a lost time injury will be posted monthly.  Should you have any questions about the program, please contact your FM Safety Committee Member or Workplace Safety professional.

Current Safety Committee Members

Central Services: Nick Kluge

East Bank: Paul Drews and Marty Appel

Energy Management: Sarah Jones

Health Sciences: Shannon Mitchel and Dennis Gordien

North Campus: Ben Martinson and Byron Sheppard

St. Paul: Karen Collins and Theron Zimmerman

West Bank: Tim Lahti and Steve Wenner

Workplace Safety 

Manager:  Larry Thompson

Central Services:  Jordan Romine

East Bank:  Tara Smith

Energy Management:  Kay Sargent

Health Sciences:  Paul Serafini/Jon Wentworth

North Campus: Kay Sargent

St. Paul:  Tara Smith

West Bank: Jordan Romine