2013 FM Community Fund Drive Events

The 2013 Community Fund Drive kicked off October 1 with the theme, "A Reason to Give." Most people at the U have a cause that's near and dear to their heart that they donate time or money to. Something about the cause makes you want to help. That something is your reason to give.

No matter what your cause or reason to give, you can make a difference. Join the ranks of university staff and faculty that donate more than $1 million annually to causes that transform the lives of countless people. FM's units are organizing events (see list below) to help drum up support the drive.

There will also be an FM-wide prize drawing for a $250 Target Gift Card at the end of the drive for anyone who makes a CFD donation. If you make your CFD donation at an FM event, your name will be entered into the drawing by event staff. If you make a donation online, ask your district/unit CFD volunteer to enter your name. The volunteers are as follows: Brian Flaherty (Health Sciences), Rick Schramm (Central Services/AVP office), Nick Kluge (Central Services), Terry MacNeil / Michele Adkins (East Bank), Eric Eischens (St. Paul), Sara Schoen (West Bank) and John Shepeck (Energy Management).

Additionally, the university-wide Community Fund Drive (CFD) organizers have a number of prizes they are giving away to help motivate people to donate. The earlier you choose to donate the better your chances of winning. For more information, check out the Community Fund Drive www.umn.edu/cfd/.

Remember it's not the amount that you're donating but the number of folks who join the cause. Please consider participating in the CFD online or at one of these FM Community Fund Drive Events:

2013 FM Community Fund Drive Events

(updated Oct. 1)

Health Sciences District

First Shift                       10/9 @ 6:30 am               Breakfast (Moos Tower Shop)
Second/Third Shifts      10/10 @ 9:00 pm             Second/Third Shift Meal (Moos Tower)

St. Paul-West, West Bank

First Shift                        10/21 @ Noon Hot           Wheels Race (Wilson Highway)
Second/Third Shifts        10/24 @ 10:00 pm          Pizza Party (Heller 65)

St. Paul-West, St. Paul

First Shift                          10/17 @ 7:00 am          Breakfast (Facilities Mgmt Bldg.)
Second/Third Shifts         TBD                                 TBD (Check FM website for updated details)

East Bank

First Shift                          10/14 @ 7:30 am          Breakfast (Mechanical Engineering)
Second Shift                     10/22 @ 8:00 pm           Grill-Out Dinner (Mechanical Engineering)
Third Shift                         10/22 @ 11:00 pm        Pizza Party (Landcare Building)

Central Services

All Shifts                          10/24 @ 5:30 am            Breakfast (155 Food Ops)

Donhowe (Energy Mgmt , IPM, AVP)

First Shift                         10/10 @ Noon                 Bake-Off (Donhowe 317/318)

Energy Management

Electrical Utilities           10/8 @ 7:00 am              Coffee & Donuts (4th Street Switch Station)
Water/Sewer                    10/9 @ 7:00 am              Coffee & Donuts (St. Paul FM Building)
Steam Utilities                10/11 @ 7:00 am            Coffee & Donuts (Steam Utilities Building)
Energy Electricians         10/16 @ 6:30 am            Coffee & Donuts (SB06 Donhowe Building)

Community Fund Drive FAQ

Why give to the Community Fund Drive?

  • It's efficient – Giving through the CFD save charities administrative costs, (e.g. mailings, phone banks, etc) your money goes further
  • It's safe – Donating on-line means no one else sees your information It's easy – A couple clicks of the mouse and you're done]
  • It's flexible – The CFD allows you to target the groups you want to support

How do I give to the Community Fund Drive?
There are a couple ways for you to give. Go to the CFD website starting October 3 (www.umn.edu/cfd) and fill out an online payroll deduction pledge form or if you feel more comfortable the same webpage has a form to print out and mail in. Each District office will also have copies of a pledge form.

How much should I give?
That's a personal choice – any gift is valued. Remember even if you share $1 per paycheck that adds up to $26 during the course of the year. Every dollar counts.

Where does my money go?
You can direct donations to any charitable organization with a 501 c 3 designation. The CFD supports seven umbrella federations that represent over 400 organizations. Here's a snapshot of each federation:

Community Health Charities Minnesota – An alliance of leading nonprofit health research and service organizations whose mission is to improve lives affected by chronic illness.

United Negro College Fund – The nation's largest, oldest, most successful and most comprehensive minority higher education assistance organization.

Community Shares of Minnesota – This federation supports organizations committed to ending poverty, reducing violence, building affordable housing, providing affordable healthcare, fighting discrimination, winning peace and meeting other urgent needs.

Minnesota Environmental Fund – This federation targets funds to protect, conserve and restore Minnesota's environment.

Greater Twin Cities United Way – The United Way builds partnerships to innovatively solve our community's most critical issues and ensures strong results by upholding the highest standards.

Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless – This federation helps Minnesotans meet basic needs for food and shelter by funding food shelves, food banks, on-site feeding programs, shelters and transitional housing programs.

United Arts – Reaches more than 300,000 Minnesotans each year through grants that ensure quality arts education in schools and sustain important community-building arts programs.

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