Facilities Management Training page houses training documents and links to training for FM employees.


  • COMPASS - COMPASS is the computerized maintenance management system software that FM uses to track time cards, purchases, work requests, inventory, construction projects and other related activities.
  • Custodial QA  - FM uses the Custodial Quality Assessment (QA) mobile application to do custodial assessments in the field. At the completion of the assessment, the responses are compiled and uploaded for analyzing results. Click here to review the SOP for this process.
  • Drupal - Drupal is the content management and web design tool used by Facilities Management to develop their main FM website.
  • Image Now - This user-friendly document imaging and management tool easily captures, organizes and manages documents. ImageNow allows employees to quickly find the most up-to-date FM documents in one secure location.
  • Kronos - FM's Time Keeping System - The Kronos application is the University of Minnesota's enterprise timekeeping system. Training materials are provided covering key topics related to processes and the Kronos system. 
  • Web Reporting (PDF) - The WebI application allows you to create and run reports using data from COMPASS in a web browser environment. It’s a powerful tool that is easy to use for collecting, organizing, formatting and analyzing data.


  • Service Request and Work Order Codes (PDF) - The Work Order (WO) system is the heart of FM’s maintenance operation.  It serves to identify the source, nature, and priority of work, the costs of labor and materials used, the time of performance, and other pertinent information.  This process guide describes the various WO phases and the defines the codes that are to be used during the life of the work order.
  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Management (PDF) - FM requires compressed gas to perform daily activities. Care must be taken to ensure the cylinder is properly returned to UMarket on a timely basis to ensure accountability.  This guide describes FMs process for managing these cylinders.
  • Exempt PM Process (PDF) - At times, Preventive Maintenance PMs will generate that cannot be completed for different reasons.  This process describes the actions crew chiefs are to take to request an exemption and the actions their supervisors must take to review/approve the exempt request.
  • Utility Outage (PDF) - describes the actions the FM District Primary Contact should consider during any planned or unplanned utility outage.
  • FM Building Code Permits SOP -FM is required to make application to the Building Code Division (BCD) and obtain the required permit before work begins in many circumstances.  The purpose of this SOP is to provide guidance for FM personnel on when they must apply for a permit prior to work commencing.
    • Accela - Quick Reference Guide - Provides guidance for how FM District Operations should complete permit applications that are work order related (not associated with a project number).
  • Process- First Report of Injury     - Provides guidance on the first report of injury (See Forms for link to On-line form for FROI)


  • Windsor Cleaning Equipment - Links to training videos on the Windsor website for Chariot and Compass products. When training new employees on equipment use the videos as a starting point, then walk them through the actual use of the machine(s). This is a good way to ensure that they understand the training and are comfortable using the equipment in a safe and effective manner. 
  • Winter Maintenance (Video) - De-icing and snow removal training for Facilities Management District and Landcare personnel.

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