Facilities Condition Assessment

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Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) is the central repository of building and infrastructure conditions and needs that are systematically codified, prioritized and cost estimated. FCA data provides;

  • High level description of overall campus condition and needs
  • Order of magnitude scope/pricing for capital projects
  • Prioritization and budgeting of renewal investments



FCA Upgrade Project

What is it?

From 2013-2015 all major U of M buildings will be physically assessed by an independent team of architects and engineers to document condition and determine current and future renewal needs.

Project Rationale

  • Prior to 2013, U of M facility assessments were 7 years old on average (best practice prescribes updates every 5 years).
  • Update and expand the database used to capture, analyze and report data.
  • Increase participation by Coordinate Campuses and Research and Outreach Centers to develop an enterprise view of needs and position FCA for future Enterprise Asset Management integration.    

What to Expect

The Facilities Condition Assessment process is deployed by asset managers to discover, document, prioritize and report significant building deficiencies. It goes beyond a cursory “lifecycle approach”, where building components are inventoried according to expected life-span, by providing physical, on-site inspections.

Professional assessment teams comprised of licensed Architects and Engineers will cover approximately 100,000 square feet per day. They will focus on areas that house mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems – but will also visit the vast majority of interior and exterior spaces.

Aside from providing access to secure areas, nothing is expected of occupants (FM will contact you in advance if such access is needed). All assessors will wear company branded shirts (ISES Corp) and carry photo ID badges. They will also be accompanied by Facilities Management staff at all times.

We thank you in advance for you cooperation and assistance in this important process and look forward to sharing results with the University community!

Upgrade Enhancements

  • Prioritization of Renewal Funding; The FCA program supports data driven allocation of scarce renewal funding. On average, the U of M invests a little over $150 million per year toward renewal investments where current needs exceed $2.5 billion. Better information translates into more targeted investments.
  • Capital Planning; FCA data is a primary source of information used in the 6-year planning process to align facility needs with academic priorities. Reliable assessments and modern software for analyzing and prioritizing investments enhances long-range planning efforts; similarly, it streamlines and saves costs during early design phases of near-term projects.
  • Enterprise Inclusion; Coordinate Campuses and ROCs will be included extensively to develop an enterprise view of renewal needs and improve equitable allocation of investment to high priority needs.
  • Cost Avoidance; FCA data is a primary source for identifying decommissioning targets, diverting investment from low value facilities where ROI is not justifiable.
  • Data Consolidation; Disparate facility condition data is currently stored in multiple databases without linkages. A single source simplifies and encourages enterprise-level analysis.


Andrew Chan
FCA Program Manager
Facilities Management
300 Donhowe Building
Phone: (612) 625-4931
E-mail: chan0391@umn.edu

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