Building Energy Dashboards

Energy Management provides students, faculty and staff opportunities to monitor resources being used in their facilities. The energy dashboards linked from this page allow occupants to view the amount of electricity, steam and chilled water being consumed in their building. Some buildings share resources, so not every utility will be displayed for each building.

How it Works

Navigate to your buildings dashboard by using the links below. Once you have reached your building's dashboard, you will have access to the following information:

  • Current Energy Demand Meter - These pages show gauges linked to the actual electrical, steam and chilled water meters found in campus buildings. Much like an electrical company metering technician, Energy Management records information remotely to determine a building's utility consumption. Some buildings share resources so not every utility will be displayed for each building.
  • Daily Trend Chart - These graphs show campus buildings' electrical, steam and chilled-water demand over the course of the day. Reducing demand "peaks" (i.e. flattening the shape of these graphs) saves the University money and reduces the need for future campus utility infrastructure investment.
  • Find out how you can help! Visit It All Adds Up to learn some of the ways that everyone can help reduce the amount of energy used at the University and protect our natural resources. You do things in your daily life that will help lower campus energy demand.
Building Name Building Number Energy Dashboard Link
10 Church Street Building 061
17th Avenue Residence Hall 129
1901 University Avenue SE 093
19th Avenue Parking Ramp 217
717 Delaware Street SE 193
Agronomy and Plant Genetics Greenhouse 423
Alderman Hall 394
Amundson Hall 066
Anderson Hall 205
Anderson, Elmer L. Library 220
Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine 416
Appleby Hall 037
Aquatic Center, University 167
Armory 011
Bailey Hall 383
Barbara Barker Center for Dance 247
Bee Research Facility 347
Beef Cattle Barn 302
Bell Museum 489
Ben Pomeroy Student - Alumni Learning 326
Bierman Field Athletic Building 139
Biological Sciences 411
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Building 334
Blegen Hall 203
Borlaug Hall 429
Boss, Andrew Laboratory of Meat Science 413
Boynton Health Service 070
Burton Hall 008
Campus Substation 160
Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building 153
Cargill Building - Microbial & Plant Genomics 439
Carlson School of Management 249
Centennial Hall 068
Cereal Disease Laboratory (USDA) 399
Child Development 019
Children's Rehabilitation Center 115
Christensen Laboratory 396
Church Steet Garage 163
Civil Engineering Building 156
Coffey Hall 322
Coffman Memorial Union 064
Comstock Hall 063
Continuing Education & Conference Center 420
Cooke Hall 056
Crop Service Building 388
Crops Research Building 389
Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Building 430
Diehl Hall 111
Dining Center 390
Donhowe Building 044
Dwan Variety Club Cardio Research Center 143
East River Parkway Garage 183
Ecology Building 438
Eddy Hall 001
Education Sciences Building 041
Elliott Hall 020
Engineering and Fisheries Laboratory 335
Equine Center, Louise and Doug Leatherdale 486
Facilities Management Building 379
Farm and Grounds Maintenance Building 425
Ferguson Hall 215
Field House, University of Minnesota 067
Fitch Utility Building 445
Fleet Services Facility 185
Folwell Hall 022
Food Operations Building 113
Food Science and Nutrition 381
Ford Hall 071
Fourth Street Parking Ramp 170
Fraser Hall 051
Frontier Hall 110
Fulton Switch Station 023
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