Nirmal Jain

The Gopher Nation is energized about this Fall’s opening of TCF Bank Stadium. How to energize the stadium has been Principle Engineer Nirmal Jain’s focus the last two years.

Shortly after joining the U in 2006, Jain volunteered to manage the new football stadium’s engineering efforts. He was recognized with a Star Performer Award in 2008 for his leadership and partnership with the TCF Bank Stadium Project Office.

One aspect of the stadium that intrigued Jain was the electrical design created by electrical engineer Tom Moran. The stadium needed a system that would minimize light pollution for the surrounding neighborhood, while still providing enough light to see the game. We’ll see how this worked out when the stadium opens on September 12.

As a young boy growing up in New Delhi, India, Jain always wanted to be an engineer. Whenever his parents bought home something new, the first thing he wanted to do was take it apart and put it back together again. His curiosity resulted in a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Delhi.

Jain wanted to do something different after college, so he came to Minnesota in 1964 and got his BS degree in engineering from the U of M in 1969. While taking classes at the U, he served as an usher at Northrop Auditorium and fell in love with opera music.

After graduating, Jain worked for Despatch Industries, a manufacturing company. He then started his own business named Environmental Process. After 10 years as a small business owner, Jain worked at 3M for nearly 20 years. He then spent a couple years working for the State of Minnesota before landing at the U.

Jain met his wife Anita, who is from Finland, while volunteering for charity fundraiser in 1973 near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. The couple enjoys doing volunteer work whenever they can.

“I like to volunteer my time for people who are disadvantaged socially, physically and mentally,” said Jain.

In 2002, Jain helped organize the Boundary Waters Advisory Committee. The group has spent the past seven years preserving existing historic and intrinsically beautiful trails in the Superior National Forest. Jain has two daughters, Minna and Miira, who both support the BWCA.

Jain is excited for the upcoming campus-wide energy conservation campaign. He believes it can make a big impact, both environmentally and economically.

“We are hoping to make our student population even more aware of energy conservation. Their individual efforts may only save pennies per person, but if we can influence all 50,000 students, that really adds up.”

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Nirmal Jain

Principle Engineer

Hometown: Dehli, India

Hobbies: Home Repairs, Woodworking, Listening to Opera Music