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Working on a full size airplane in your spare time isn't a hobby for just anyone. But for Health Sciences district mechanic Mick Wright, it's just a typical after work activity. He's been working on the stol (short takeoff or landing) plane for the past three years and is excited to fly it once it's finished.

Mick has worked with Facilities Management for 38-and-a-half years as a custodian, landcare worker, and now a mechanic. "I really enjoyed working on the grounds crew because every day was different," he said. "I worked on mowing, planting, and tree maintenance. Operating the heavy equipment was great; it's like getting to play with toys as an adult."

His background as a mechanic began when he was growing up and would work on cars just as a hobby. Mick's step father was in the air force, so he moved around from Texas, California, Kansas, Oklahoma, and eventually landed in Golden Valley, Minnesota. "Medical Lake, Washington was one of the best places I lived," he said. "I lived there when from first to fourth grade and there was a lot of freedom for me to do what I wanted as a kid."

Once he turned 18, Mick enlisted in the Navy and went to military Engineman "A" school in Great Lakes, Illinois. He worked as a mechanic in the navy.

Throughout his 38-and-a-half years with Facilities Management at the University of Minnesota, Mick has enjoyed the diversity of opportunities available to him and the people he has met along the way. "I really enjoy seeing the people I work with every day," he said. "I've met a lot of good friends, some that help me with building the airplane."

Mick and his wife of 39 years, Deb, have a son who lives in the Philippines with his wife and three children, and a daughter living in Colorado with her husband and two children.

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Mick Wright


Hometown: Mercedes, Texas

Hobbies: Building his own airplane