Photo of Mark fishing

Mark Henthorne cracks a big smile when I ask about his secret ingredient. “I can’t tell you that!” He says. What he will say is that eggs and flour make up two parts of the equation for a killer pan-fried fish dinner.

Mark fishes for walleyes and crappies two to three times a week at South Center Lake in Lindstrom, Bald Eagle Lake in White Bear Lake, and Pakegama Lake in Pine City. He says the best fish to eat range in size from 13-16 inches. “The biggest walleye I caught was 27 ½ inches but I threw it back. The bigger fish don’t seem to taste as good,” he says. In the summer, Mark enjoys relaxing on his boat. In the winter, he enjoys spending time in his ice house. He says, “The fish taste better in the winter because the meat is more firm from the cold water.”

When Mark isn’t fishing, he’s working in the West Bank district as a policer where he cleans up after events, monitors restrooms, and stands by on-call for the Humphrey, Heller Hall, and Social Science buildings. Mark started at the University in 1983 in the Health Science district and the Oral Surgery department before working on a project crew and transferring to the St. Paul campus. His favorite part of the work is the people. “They are all really great,” he says.

Mark has a son and a daughter who are located in the Twin Cities. He also has three grandsons and two step-granddaughters. He lives his life by the mantra “live simple and stay happy.”

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Mark Henthorne


Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Hobbies: Fishing, spending time with family and friends