Kim Clauson

It may have taken nearly thirty years, but Saint Paul Campus B&G Worker Kim Clauson seems to have finally found her place at the U. After spending most of her time as a B&G Worker on the East and West Bank, Clauson landed in the Veterinary Medical Center on the St. Paul Campus two years ago and plans to stay as long as possible.

An animal lover, Clauson has a 20-year-old cat -- Lil Cat -- that was recently diagnosed with cancer. She likes knowing that her work is in some way contributing to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s goals.

“Custodial workers make a difference – all of us,” commented Clauson. “We keep the campus clean and safe. And customers appreciate it when they see us taking care of things for them.”

Clauson really appreciates her customers. Now that she works days, she has more interaction with them and thinks it helps her do a better job. She’s finding out that she is more of a people person than she thought she was. Her supervisor calls her FM’s PR representative because of the positive attitude she presents to her customers.

Born and raised in Saint Paul, Clauson started working at the age of 15 as a hotel maid. She also spent a brief period as a factory worker for Aggressive Industries before joining the U in 1980.

Raised by her mom Angie, Clauson and her brother Richard lost there father at a young age. She lost both her mother and brother to cancer in 2005 and 2006.

But Clauson has always had the support of a tight-knit group of girlfriends. She works with one friend she has known since kindergarten and has spent every Christmas for the past 30 years with the same group of about 13 women. She also takes an annual trip with three of her girlfriends to Hayward, Wisconsin.

Clauson enjoys camping and fishing, and likes to garden outside the triplex where she lives in Saint Paul’s Midway area. This past winter she became a Bocce Ball champion during a team tournament at a local pub.

Growing up, Clauson thought about becoming an x-ray tech or interior designer. One thing she knew she wasn’t cut out to be was a waitress. Her first night on the job at a friend’s restaurant she spilled a beer on one of her customers and told her boss she’d save him the effort of firing her and quit.

Clauson has been recognized with both the Star Performer and Beautiful Building Awards as a B& G Worker at the U and seems to really enjoy working here.

She says, “I’m blessed to have this job, blessed to have the people I work with.”

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Kim Clauson

B&G Worker

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Hobbies: Fishing, Camping, Gardening