Jim Larson

Just like a sports team, work teams have many different positions. While sports teams have roles like player, coach, general manager, goalie and trainer, FM has mechanics, B &G workers, supervisors, team mangers, and so on.

Senior B&G Jim Larson considers his role to be like a captain on a sports team. He is out in the field like the rest of the B&G’s doing much of the same work, but can offer years of experience to his co-workers without them having to worry about him making decisions about their performance.

A 1987 graduate of Badger High School in northern Minnesota, Larson followed his older brother to the U and got his degree in physical education in 1991. He began working in FM as a freshman student worker. After paying his way through college, Larson accepted a full-time position and has stuck around for 19 years. In the past two decades, Larson has developed a great respect for the work B & G’s do here at the U.

“Most B&G’s that I work with take great pride in their work have a true commitment to servicing the university,” commented Larson. “I wish more people could recognize that the buildings don’t clean themselves.”

Larson was promoted to Senior B & G in 2004 and has really appreciated the opportunity to take on that role.

“In my position as a senior B&G, I do whatever I can to help other B&G’s be successful, yet the majority of my role is the same as theirs,” said Larson.

One responsibility that Larson really enjoys is coordinating weekend FM coverage at Northrop Auditorium. He loves the energy of events, and helping the people working and attending them.

An avid reader, Larson likes to read history and biographies, especially those of U.S. Presidents. He’s travelled to seven of the presidential libraries, including those of Presidents Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower, Carter, Ford, Nixon and Reagan.

A resident of the Como Lake area of St. Paul, Larson has been an election judge for ward 5, precinct 3, since 2002. Each year he helps ensure that the primaries and general elections run smoothly, in addition to attending regular training events.

Election judge is not the only position of responsibility that Larson has taken on. He’s a union steward and has served on numerous university and union committees over the years. But above all, Larson really appreciates working at the U.

“It’s a beautiful place to work,” says Larson. “I’m fortunate to have the job I have and there’s never any difficulty coming to work. The university has contributed greatly to my life.”

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Jim Larson

Senior B&G Worker

Hometown: Badger, Minnesota

Hobbies: Reading, Golf, Gardening