Bill Rinehart

Bill Rinehart remembers the exact day he started working at the U of M, August 15, 1999. Since then he’s filled many different roles and has definitely had some interesting experiences. “One night I got a phone call from a day supervisor saying they lost a brain. He left a slip of paper in a professor’s room with the brain in a red bag on the floor, but when he returned, he couldn’t find the brain. Since it was in a red bag, it ended up where the hazardous materials are taken to. Three hours later he called the company and found out that the brain went through the autoclave. Fortunately, they were able to retrieve it off of the belt in just the nick of time.”

Bill comes to the U with a varied background. He earned a theatre degree from the U, was an actor and director, was once a teacher, and at one time pursued a science degree. He said some of the people he admires most are scientists because of their ability and motivation to “keep going forward into the unknown.” Bill said those who know him would say he’s fair and straightforward, but also unpredictable at meetings. He appreciates the work ethic his father instilled in him and enjoys the variety his job entails. He said, “Every day I learn something new. I enjoy listening to peoples’ stories and working for the U.”

Steve Pauling said Bill’s go-getting attitude is contagious. “Even when he is having a bad day, Bill is one of those employees that seems to always be positive, enthusiastic and ever-willing to assist others. His up-beat personality and ‘can-do’ outlook is infectious as he reaches out to learn new skills and resolve challenges before they turn into problems. Every day, we can't help but respect, appreciate and value his many contributions.”

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Bill Rinehart

Zone Administrator

Hobbies: Hiking, Skiing, Gardening, Exotic Cooking