Service Level Standards

Facilities Management (FM) is a full-service department proud to be the primary provider for all your facilities needs. Our core responsibilities include custodial services, waste and recycling, maintenance, energy management (steam, electricity, chilled water, water/sewer), landcare and building systems automation. If we cannot provide a service for you, we will find someone who can.   

Services provided within the FM O&M cost pool:

University Custodians provide cleaning services in a cost effective, efficient and environmentally sound manner. They are responsible for cleaning more than ten million square feet in over 250 buildings on the Twin Cities campus daily.

Waste Recovery Services manages UM waste in a cost effective, efficient and environmentally sound manner. Waste Management and Recycling collects more than 9,000 tons and recycles more than 3,000 tons each year.

Maintenance Operations preserves the physical assets of the University. Services provided fall into three major categories: preventive maintenance, routine repairs and services.

Landcare presents a beautiful, safe and accessible exterior environment.

Chilled Water Utility provides cold water to cool buildings and equipment across campus. 

Repair & Replacement (R&R) projects help FM to honor its commitment to stewardship by preserving the University’s assets and infrastructure.

Services provided within the Utilities cost pool:

Heat and Power is provided by one combined plant for all building space on the East and West Bank of the Twin Cities campus. The University’s steam distribution system has been recognized as one of the most efficient systems in the world.

Electricital Utilities provides reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly power. Energy Management is continually recognized for the superior maintenance of their electrical distribution system.

Services provided within the Administrative Service Unit cost pool:

Facilities Management Call Center (FMCC) is the university’s one stop shop for requesting facilities service and support. 

Additional Services:

Additional services beyond those funded within these cost pools are available at their identified rates.  Please contact the FM Call Center for more information or to submit a service request.