Welcome to the FM Call Center

The FM Call Center (FMCC) handles all requests and inquiries for facility-related emergencies, maintenance work, repairs, custodial, snow removal, landscaping, pest control, temperature issues, events and moving, etc. for the Twin Cities, Morris and Crookston Campuses.  For requests at the UMD campus, click here.

Immediately call 612.624.2900 (4-2900 from a campus phone) for all facility related emergencies.

The preferred option for requesting non-emergency services is via our Self-Service on-line application.  You can also send an email to the FMCC or call 4-2900 to request services.

When submitting a request by any method you should be prepared to provide the following information:

    • The first and last name and contact information of the requestor.
    • The first and last name and contact information of an alternate requestor.
    • The exact location of where work is needed.  Providing the room number is preferred.
    • A complete description of the work requested to help FM determine response time/priorities (see FM Standard Response Times for more information)
    • Your departmental PeopleSoft numbers where the work will be charged if necessary.  Please refer to the Facilities Cost Pool Report for information on chargeable services.