Supported and Nonsupported Space

Supported space is University property that Facilities Management is funded by Central Administration to maintain. This includes the areas that are occupied by almost all academic departments and designated academic and administrative-support units. Maintenance of these areas is funded by state-allocated operations and maintenance monies or other central funding sources. Designation as supported space is based on the functional or programmatic use of the property, not its physical characteristics. Within the same University building, there may be some areas where maintenance is paid for by Facilities Management; in other areas, maintenance is paid for by the nonsupport unit occupying the space.

Nonsupported space refers to University property that Facilities Management is not funded to maintain. This generally includes facilities and equipment used by departments, programs or units involved in research activities. It also includes self-supporting units such as parking, food services and institutional-support organizations (ISOs). Costs for maintaining nonsupported space must be paid for by the department, program or unit that uses it.

Purchasing Additional Maintenance or Custodial Services

Both supported and nonsupported units may purchase additional maintenance or custodial services as needed. Facilities Management has a year-round staff that provides a host of building operations services. In addition, Facilities Management can source and manage the performance of qualified outside contractors who may be required to meet your needs.

Billing for Services

Facilities Management customers are billed monthly for all services that are considered “chargeable,” whether for supported or nonsupported space. All units are also billed monthly for any additional services requested.

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