Other Campus Services

Although the services we provide are quite comprehensive, there are some services you may think we provide but do not. Here is a listing of other campus related services and departments you may need to contact:

Emergency (Police-Fire-Medical) University Police Department 9-1-1
Security, crime – Non-Emergency University Police Department 624-COPS
Escort service Police Department 624-WALK
Addressing of mass mailings Addressing and Mailing 626-0222
Art rental Weisman Art Museum 626-3389
Building inspections, building permits Building Code Division 625-3318
Campus mail delivery or pick-up, bulk mailing Campus Mail - Minneapolis 625-6560
Classroom scheduling Classroom Management 625-6030
Coffman Memorial Union Coffman Memorial Union 624-4636
Disability access issues Disability Services 624-4037
Environmental advice and inspections Environmental Health & Safety 626-6002
Hazardous waste disposal Environmental Health & Safety 626-1604
Hockey/Tennis Facilities Athletics Facilities Office 625-5804
Locksmith/Access Services Central Security 624-1750
Lost & Found - Call the department in the building where you lost the item or try the offices listed here: West Bank
St. Paul Student Center
Motorist Assistance Program Parking & Transportation 626-PARK
Permits for outdoor events, space scheduling SUA Events & Conferences 624-9954
Public Art on Campus Program Weisman Art Museum 625-9686
Minnesota Centennial Showboat Padelford Packet Boat Company 651-227-1100
Telephone/network repairs Networking & Telecommunication 625-0006

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