Equipment Purchasing

Are you planning to purchase new equipment for a laboratory? 

The very nature of research requires specialized equipment for laboratories. Because specialized research equipment is often not formally tested and validated to meet American safety standards (e.g., U.L. Listed), and procurement and installation may require unplanned infrastructure improvements including, but not limited to electrical service, HVAC capacity, noise/vibration dampening and structural loading, all purchases must be reviewed according to the criteria outlined in the Equipment Definitions and Checklist

Follow the procedure below to begin the equipment evaluation and procurement process. 

Equipment evaluation process flow chart

Facility Leads (Use this list to find your Department Facility Rep):

College of Biological Sciences: Christina Kramer (612) 624-2918

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences: Ben Fink (612) 625-8740

College of Pharmacy: Jeff Thomas (612) 626-4777

College of Science and Engineering: Dave Pappone (612) 624-6854

College of Veterinary Medicine: Paula Buchner (612) 624-5877

Medical School: Peg Brown (612-624-6651

School of Dentistry: Greg Johnson (612) 626-0633

School of Nursing: Curtis Coffer (612) 625-9160

School of Public Health: Tamara Hink (612) 626-4643

Academic Health Center Shared Units: Peg Brown (612) 624-6651

FM Project Coordinators:

East Bank District: Paul Krueger (612) 626-3830

Health Sciences District: John Stoffel (612) 626-2876

North Campus District: Julie Mahoney (612) 626-2903

St. Paul District: Bryce Frandrup (612) 624-4955

West Bank District: Karen Haakonson (612) 624-6911