u construction staff doing remodeling work in a lab

U-Construction is the full-service internal design and construction department for the Twin Cities campus. We manage and deliver small to mid-size construction projects from initial requests, design, and estimating through construction and financial closeout. Our staff includes project managers, estimators, architects, engineers and the full range of construction tradespeople to meet your project needs. In addition we are available to do service work such as painting, electrical and data outlet installations or modifications, plumbing work, etc. through the FM Call Center.


How to Request a Project

To request a project, please fill out the Project Request Application form.  

If you have additional process questions regarding your project, please see the CPPM website:  http://www.cppm.umn.edu

Services Offered

Construction Projects

  • Project Scoping and Feasibility
  • Estimating (ROM or Detailed)
  • Project Management
  • Construction

Design Services

  • Architectural services
  • Engineering

Service Work

  • Provides service/maintenance work as requested
  • Estimates provided if requested

Low Voltage Wiring Services

  • Maintenance and repair of phone and data wiring
  • New installation of phone and data wiring
  • Estimates provided if requested

Sign Shop

Security Technical Services

Locksmith Services

Contact Information

Administrative Offices
Food Ops Building
2904 Fairmount Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

AD UCon - Linda Weingarten
Assistant Director 
Linda Weingarten
Phone: 612-626-8374
E-mail: weing020@umn.edu

Operations Manager
Mike Sanford
Phone: 612-991-7980
Email: msanford@umn.edu

Current News

February 1, 2016: We are currently designing and planning work for the upcoming summer break. If you have a project that you would like to have completed prior to the start of the Fall Semester 2016, please submit a PR as soon as possible. 

Current U-Con Project Status:  This document is only viewable if access has been granted.  For access please contact us.