Locksmith Services

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Locksmith Services provides not only routine, but emergency key, core, and cylinder repairs. Our job is to respond to customer needs and to provide the best on-site service available. Whether we are cutting keys, repairing cabinet locks, or re-keying entire buildings; we handle your request in a prompt and courteous manner.



Services Provided

  • Departmental Rekeying

If your department wants to rekey an office or suite due to security concerns or acquiring a new space, Locksmith Services will rekey the areas you need. Just have your Department Facility Rep (DFR) submit the request via the online key request form.

  • Office and Room Key Duplication

Locksmith Services can replicate all of your office door keys on campus. Just have your Department Facility Rep (DFR) submit the request via the online key request form.

  • Cabinet Keys and Cabinet Lock Repairs

Whether you have an emergency or a routine request, Locksmith Services can help. We are able to cut cabinet, desk, and locker keys as well as repair your cabinet, desk, locker, and safe locks. Just email lockshop@umn.edu with your request and your department's billing information. If you have questions or the request is urgent, please also call the keyshop at 612-625-0376 to speak with a Locksmith.

  • Door Lock and Core Malfunctions
There are certain requests you may place with the FM Call Center. Please contact the FM Call Center by calling 612-624-2900 or emailing fmcc@umn.edu if the following situations below occur:
      • Key is stuck in door lock or is constantly getting stuck
      • Key/core is hard to turn to open or lock door
      • Core is spinning in door

**If any of the above issues are for file/desk/overhead cabinets, then you should always contact the Lock Shop at lockshop@umn.edu or 612-625-0376.

Locksmith Services Staff

Brian McDonald
Senior Engineer
Phone: (612) 625-1863
Email: mcdon094@umn.edu

Locksmith Shop
Email:  lockshop@umn.edu
Phone: (612) 625-0376

Forms & Resources

Online Key Request Form
Locksmith Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF)

Policies and Procedures

Access to University Buildings Policy
The DFR Role in Managing Keys online Training
Key Administration Procedure