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COMPASS application icon

COMPASS - COMPASS is the computerized maintenance management system software that Facilities Management uses to track time cards, purchases, work requests, inventory, construction projects and other related activites. 

Compatible Browsers: I.E. 8 and 11

Compass Password Reset:  This allows staff to reset their COMPASS password.

COMPASS training and information


Kronos application icon

Kronos - The Kronos application is used by units within University Services for timekeeping activites.  Facilities Management uses this application to gather employee attendance and time information.

Compatible Browsers: I.E. 11

Kronos training and information


FM web reporting application icon

Web Reporting - The WebI (Web Intelligence) application allows employess to run reports using data from Facilities Management applications.  The reports available range from operational to financial and help FM to measure our success.

Compatible Browsers: FireFox (preferred browser), I.E. 11, Chrome

Web Reporting training and information



link to FM Drupal app

Drupal - Drupal is the content management and web design tool used by Facilities Management to develop their main FM website.

Compatible Browsers: All

Drupal  training and information


FM Custodial QA application icon

Custodial QA - The Custodial Program uses the Qualtrics program to administer the Custodial Quality Assessment (QA).  The QA assessment is designed for Facilities Management staff to conduct objective cleanliness assessmenets of floors within the buildings. The assessments are completed using a browser based application that asks a series of questions for each space type (i.e. restrooms) to evaluate the cleanliness.

Compatible Browsers: All

Custodial QA Training and Information



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