June 26, 2017
Facilities Management
Bill Paulus


Summer vacation

Dear FM,

One of the best things about Minnesota is our summers, and I hope all of you are taking an opportunity to get out and enjoy the season. I just got back from a vacation with my family, and after relaxing for a few days I can feel myself more energized this morning and ready to catch up with my co-workers and re-engage in FM work activities. The benefits of time off are well-known: taking time off reduces stress, improves sleep and can even lower the risk of heart disease. In addition, helping employees find balance between work and personal life is a priority of the University. I encourage you to check out your vacation balance and use those hours - you’ve earned them. 

Next week is the 4th of July and as we celebrate 241 years of our nation’s independence, I wish you and your families all a safe and happy day. On a related note, there won’t be a Weekly July 3; look for it every other week through the end of summer. I’ll resume weekly messages in September. 

Have a great week and remember to R.S.V.P. for the FM employee event. We’ve already received a lot of responses and I’m looking forward to seeing you all there. 


Weekly Notes

  • FM summer picnic and soccer game July 22 - Have you reserved your tickets?  Pick up picnic tickets and reserve soccer game tickets by July 7.  Learn more about the event
  • Call for FM photos! Take a picture of something FM-related and send to Christie Wells to be included on the FM website or in the Weekly. Whether it’s a picture of an employee or team at work, a group activity or a beautiful aspect of our campus, we’d love to post your photo to share with the rest of the team. This week, Janee Meyers, Executive Admin, sent in a cool shot of a stained glass skylight in Burton Hall and Paul Drews, East Bank Team Manager sent a preview of the giant “selfie chair” planned for Northrop Plaza. In the shot, the chair is being stained by East Bank painter Tom Elton.




Bill Paulus the interim AVP for FM
Bill Paulus is the interim Associate Vice President for Facilities Management. He regularly publishes memos to communicate information and issues that affect FM staff.