June 6, 2017
Facilities Management
Bill Paulus


Summer for Custodians

Dear FM, 

For our custodial teams, summer does not mean cleaning-as-usual. As classrooms empty out, restorative deep cleaning begins from top to bottom in each room. Light fixture ceiling diffusers are dusted and burnt out lamps are replaced; marks and soil are removed from all surfaces. Interior glass gets washed and whiteboards are refreshed using a special process to clear the writing surface. Custodians also scrub floors and shampoo carpets. This critical work ensures classrooms and student areas are ready for students when they return in the fall.

In addition, we recently welcomed a new group of custodians to the U. They will complete summer training so we will be ready for the full cleaning load when fall semester arrives. Each new employee goes through a three day orientation and training program before beginning their assignments. Once in their squads, they start their hands-on training and begin the rotation through the three team cleaning job positions: point tech (trash, dust, wipe), vacuum tech (vacuuming and mopping) and restroom tech (full cleaning of all restrooms). Welcome to our new custodial team members!    

Finally, this week custodial teams are partnering with FM sustainability and waste recovery teams in Walk the Waste (Waist) Away. The program, available across campus, invites employees to take their deskside waste and/or recycling bins to the central waste collection point in their area, sort their waste, and leave the bins there. Employees then commit to walking their waste to the collection point in the future rather than having bins at their desks. Custodians will collect the bins and we will track participation to determine if we should repeat the event in the future.

Walk the Waste (Waist) Away benefits employees by getting them moving throughout the workday and serves the environment by increasing the amount of waste properly sorted for recycling. I encourage you to participate if you are able.

Have a great week,


Weekly Notes

  • Walk the Waste (Waist) Away is part of Swellness, a sustainability effort highlighting the intersection of sustainability and wellness. Through Swellness, our personal choices to be healthy also impact our environment and make our planet - locally and globally - a more sustainable place for everyone. Learn more.
  • Call for FM photos! Take a picture of something FM-related and send to Christie Wells to be included on the FM website or in the Weekly. Whether it’s a picture of an employee or team at work, a group activity or a beautiful aspect of our campus, we’d love to post your photo to share with the rest of the team. Check out this shot of the landcare team building the Block M planter at the Pleasant St. entrance to the East Bank campus:


Bill Paulus the interim AVP for FM
Bill Paulus is the interim Associate Vice President for Facilities Management. He regularly publishes memos to communicate information and issues that affect FM staff.