August 23, 2016
Facilities Management
Bill Paulus


Staff Transition and Wellness Deadline

Dear FM,

Last week I stepped into the position of interim Associate Vice President for FM. It’s been busy making the transition into this role and moving from the Food Ops building to the Donhowe building. Of course this is also a transition for FM - a transition I’m excited about. I value the work we accomplish together and appreciate the team effort it takes to do what we do every day. We’ve reached important goals in the past due to your work, and I trust that we’ll continue to be a great team as we deliver value every day and continuously improve how we do our work. I’m proud of how our campus operates and FM’s contributions to making it a safe, reliable and welcoming place to learn, work and visit.

In-person visits
I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of you over the past 10 years, but I have not had the chance to meet with everyone. I’m going to be coming out to many of your standing meetings over the next few weeks. Throughout the fall I will also stop by at your safety meetings and other events (Community Fund Drive). I want to get a sense of how it’s going and especially any areas of concern that you’d like me to keep in mind.

I’d like to share other transition news. Linda Weingarten, Director of U Construction, is stepping in as interim Director of Central Services. Linda has led the U-Con team for the past three years and has expanded and improved that group to what it is today. She’s a licensed professional engineer with a keen sense for improving and simplifying processes. I’m confident she’ll provide excellent leadership in this new role

Linda will continue to serve as Assistant Director for U-Construction. To assist with her workload, John Steyer has been named interim Senior Project Manager. John will coordinate with Operations and Design and oversee all the U-Con CPM’s during this interim period.

Click here if you want to see the updated FM Leadership Organizational Chart.

Wellness Deadline
Congratulations to those of you who started the Wellness Program this past year! I know that starting a new habit requires a lot of self-discipline and motivation. August 31 is the deadline for earning all points. Short a few points? Try watching one of the “Digital Workshop” videos. They take about 15 minutes to complete and count for 50 points apiece. It’s a quick, educational way to finish up those points.

Have a great week.

Bill Paulus the interim AVP for FM
Bill Paulus is the interim Associate Vice President for Facilities Management. He regularly publishes memos to communicate information and issues that affect FM staff.