September 26, 2016
Facilities Management
Bill Paulus


ReUse Pack and Give Back

Dear FM,

Every year, FM employees help keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills and provide a valuable service that helps University students save money. Each spring, as students move out of residence halls and off-campus apartments, they often dispose of furniture, school supplies, small appliances, clothing, and packaged food items. Many of these items are still in good condition and usable, and that’s when FM employees and our partners step in. Through the “Pack and Give Back” program, now in its third year, students can donate reusable items and non-perishable, pre-packaged food. The items are brought to the University’s ReUse Warehouse where they are stored and organized over the summer.

During the first two weeks of school, incoming students can visit the ReUse Warehouse and help themselves to the items free of charge. Nearly 1,500 students took advantage of “Pack and Give Back” this Fall. The ReUse Center processed nearly 28 tons of donated materials - including 30 sofas and futons which now fill living spaces instead of a landfill. Any remaining materials are being donated to nonprofit groups or are deeply discounted for public sale at the ReUse Warehouse.

FM’s staff and student workers are key to the success of this program, providing the leadership and effort that make “Pack and Give Back” a key part of the University’s effort to reduce our environmental impact. Thanks to everyone involved!

One Liners:
  • Community Fund Drive starts in October, look for more information coming soon
  • FM Energy Director, Jerome Malmquist, quoted in Star Tribune on Sunday Microgrid article
  • Open Streets MPLS event on campus October 1st

Have a great week.


Bill Paulus the interim AVP for FM
Bill Paulus is the interim Associate Vice President for Facilities Management. He regularly publishes memos to communicate information and issues that affect FM staff.