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COMPASS Stabilization

The physical servers that run the COMPASS, FAMIS, and SPACE software were out of warranty and beginning to fail. This project purchased and installed new servers and moved existing data and applications to new servers. This mitigated the risk of downtime and allowed the system to continue functioning. This was a large effort on both our IT partners (who changed out all COMPASS related hardware and updated the operating systems) and FM and U Service Finance staff (who did full end-to-end testing of these new servers). Because of all of the hard work of each of the people on this team, the server update went without a hitch.


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Completed On

November 27, 2015

Thank you to

Andrew Chan
Andrew Stoner (UServ. Finance)
Anthony Gutterman
Arwen Bloomdahl (UServ. Finance)
Bayan Gobana
Brian Hill (IT Partners - USIS)
Chad Steen
Charlie Erickson
Chelsea Gustafson
Chris Herbst
Dawn Lenio (UServ. Finance)
Gabe Garlets (IT Partners - USIS)
Gail Pinola (UServ. Finance)
Greg Berger
Haley Moritz (UServ. Finance)
Jen Pierson
John Allen
Jonathan Hong (IT Partners - USIS)
Julian Faile
Karen Collins
Kristia Davern
Leroy Engele
Marilyn Zenzen
Matthew Hille
Michael Garza
Michael Marotteck (UServ. Finance)
Michael Seberg (IT Partners - USIS)
Michele Murray
Rick Friebe
Robert Kretchmer
Ron Mapston
Ruthann Manlet
Ryan Trullinger (UServ. Finance)
Sarah Jones
Shannon Mitchell
Steen Erikson
Sylvia Fiefarek
Tamara Hoff (UServ. Finance)
Ted Haaf (U Market)
Todd Smith (UServ. Finance)
Tom McArdle

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