May 16, 2016
Facilities Management
Mike Berthelsen


Weight Watchers on campus and digital workshops

Dear FM,

After a week of spring showers we can finally enjoy the sun and warm breezes of spring.  Like many of you, I’ve continued to think about ways to stay healthy and keep moving, especially given more hospitable weather.  Today I want to share two resources available through the University wellness program: Weight Watchers and digital workshops,.

Weight Watchers is an on-campus program offering motivational support for weight loss and maintenance in a group setting. If you’re enrolled in the University health plan, you and/or your spouse can attend up to 14 meetings over a four month period and be fully reimbursed by the University. To obtain 150 wellness points, all 14 meetings must be attended before August 31, 2017. To enroll in the on-campus program and view upcoming meetings and times, please visit the StayWell online portal.

If you don’t have the time to attend Weight Watchers meetings or are looking for something to do on your own, consider StayWell digital workshops. These online videos provide an opportunity to learn more about your health and focus on topics such as: keeping yourself safe from the flu, taking care of your back, eating healthy, exercising, and understanding more about osteoarthritis. To enroll, sign up through your StayWell profile. Each workshop takes about 15 minutes to complete. When you complete three videos by August 31, you receive 50 wellness points.

I hope you will consider these options on your wellness journey.  



Mike Berthelsen - FM's AVP
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Mike Berthelsen created 'Mike's Memo' for the purpose of communicating important information to FM staff. Several times each month he will address current issues that affect the way FM does business.