February 1, 2016
Facilities Management
Mike Berthelsen


Schedule your Upcoming Biometric Screening

Dear FM,

A few weeks ago we kicked off the wellness campaign with a flu shot clinic for second shift staff. Thank you to everyone who helped make the event a success!  If you have not yet had a flu shot, please consider getting one (they are available at your clinics and many local pharmacies).

We are focusing next on biometric screenings. The biometric screening provides you with important baseline information about your health, such as your blood pressure, body mass index, and cholesterol levels. Both you and your spouse qualify for this 150 point activity for a total of 300 points. Here is how you can take advantage of this service:

  1. First shift staff: Schedule your appointment at one of many locations across the Twin Cities campus. Upcoming dates, times, and locations are listed on Boynton’s website here.

  2. First and second shift staff: We have arranged biometric screenings at the following dates and times:

    1. Monday Feb. 22 from 4-6:30 pm at Boynton Health Services Clinic at Boynton Health Service

    2. Wednesday March 8 from 4-6:30 pm at the St. Paul Student Center

  3. Second and third shift staff: We have arranged biometric screenings at the following date and time:

    1. Tuesday Feb. 23 from 9:30-10:30 pm at Boynton Health Services Clinic at Boynton Health Service

  4. Your doctor option: Print off this form, have your doctor complete and send it back to the University wellness department to receive your 150 points by August 31, 2016.

Second and third shift supervisors will have more information for you to sign up.

Your cholesterol level assessment will be more accurate if you fast for 8 hours before your appointment, but you will still obtain 150 points without fasting. Please note that you are welcome to schedule your screening either during or outside of your shift.  This will be paid time if you choose to schedule during your shift (but not if scheduled outside of your shift).  

I admit that I was curious and a bit anxious about getting my screening results the first time I did the biometric screening. I had not been physically active for awhile and was nervous about seeing my numbers. The nurses, however, were wonderful. They answered my questions and were supportive. Overall, the screening took about 15 minutes and gave me a good place to start my wellness journey. For example, I realized that I needed to be more active, so I signed up for the 10K-A-Day walking program to motivate me to take more steps throughout the day.

I hope that your participation in the upcoming biometric screenings are as positive for you as you embark on your wellness journey!



Mike Berthelsen - FM's AVP
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Mike Berthelsen created 'Mike's Memo' for the purpose of communicating important information to FM staff. Several times each month he will address current issues that affect the way FM does business.