June 13, 2016
Facilities Management
Mike Berthelsen


June Wellness

Dear FM,

Summer is in full swing. Since we must accrue all our Wellness Points by August 31, I’d like to highlight another way to earn points: using a bicycle. I see some of you riding your own bikes to work; what a fine way to start the day. For those without bikes, there’s another option.

Nice Ride has increased its number of bike docking stations around campus. As Nice Ride’s largest customer, the University has arranged to make the bike sharing system as available as possible. Nice Ride is selling annual subscriptions to University employees for only $25.

If you use Nice Ride a minimum of 50 times before August 31 you can earn 75 wellness points. Use a Nice Ride bike at least 100 times before that same date and earn 125 points. Each time you dock the bike into a Nice Ride station it counts as one ride, regardless of the duration of your ride.

Riding Your Own Bike 
Riding a Nice Ride Bike 
  • Sign up for a Nice Ride MN membership. Year-long memberships are only $25 for University employees covered by the UPlan. (Click on Group Rate in upper right corner.) The discount code is UMNBIKE and you must use your University email address to register. 
  • Register your Nice Ride membership with Dero ZAP. 
  • Check out a bike from any Nice Ride Station with your member key. Any ride over 10 minutes will count as your commute for the day.
Are Helmets Required? 
  • Part of FM’s core mission is safety. While helmets are not required, many injuries and deaths have been prevented due to wearing helmets. Keep a helmet at work or in your locker. Freewheel Bike offers 20% off Trek helmets to all Nice Ride Subscribers (bring your Nice Ride key or a receipt from any Nice Ride station). Pick up a helmet at Freewheel's West Bank store or the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center.

Minnesota summers are short but sweet -- I hope yours is off to a great start.


Mike Berthelsen - FM's AVP
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Mike Berthelsen created 'Mike's Memo' for the purpose of communicating important information to FM staff. Several times each month he will address current issues that affect the way FM does business.