April 27, 2016
Facilities Management
Mike Berthelsen


10k A Day Walking Challenge

Dear FM,

I’m delighted to hear that  many of you are taking on the walking challenge.  I want to spotlight Ron Mapston, Health Sciences Assistant Director, and the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) team. I am impressed by their innovation - but believe that some of your work teams could beat their numbers!  (A friendly challenge….)

“I’m walking 22,000 steps every day or 154,000 steps per week (10 miles a day). I have been achieving my step goal each week. Since last February, I have walked 7,663,115 steps, which exceeded the requirements for the wellness program and gave me 50 wellness points. Last year my weight was high and my cholesterol numbers were out of whack. My wife had recently bought me a fitbit so I told my doctor I was going to lose weight by my next physical and start walking 10K a day. I soon realized that wasn't enough. I increased my step count by parking on West Bank and walking over a mile to my office each morning and walking to my car and back at lunch. Even though it seemed like a lofty goal, I told myself I was going to get almost 3,600 miles. My record is just over 20 miles. I am addicted to the data my fitbit provides me and compete with myself. At my annual physical, I learned I had lost 35 pounds and all my cholesterol readings were in the normal range. This was confirmed last week when I had my biometric screening. It is amazing how simple it really is to walk that far each day. My staff get a chuckle out of it because whenever I go to meetings I always find a longer route to take just to get additional steps--like the 3,000 step route I take to Donhowe. I can honestly tell you that I feel so much more energetic since I have lost weight and started walking."

- Ron Mapston

“Many of us wear a fitbit to track our steps and set a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Last year we noticed there was an option to compete as a team against other teams across the UMN campuses as part of the 10k-a-day program. My EAM group started a team to see how we could challenge ourselves to walk more. Our team, Driven to Walk, started out in 11th place. Since then, we have slowly climbed to one of the top three teams across the University system! We have all made an effort to walk more even if we don’t achieve 10k steps a day. The point is there is accountability and a desire not to let the team down. It's a lot of fun to think of ways we can walk more. As a result, we are much healthier and happier."

- EAM Team Member



Mike Berthelsen - FM's AVP
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Mike Berthelsen created 'Mike's Memo' for the purpose of communicating important information to FM staff. Several times each month he will address current issues that affect the way FM does business.