Maintenance Program

The purpose of the maintenance program is to preserve the assets of the University while supporting its mission.  We do this by performing:

  • Predictive, condition based and preventive maintenance activities to keep the assets running
  • Repairs when the assets are not operational
  • Services to assist the University Community

Predictive/Condition Based/Preventive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance (PdM), Condition Based Maintenance (CbM) and Preventive Maintenance (PM) are standard industry practices that FM will utilize to optimize the maintenance our assets via planned actions (services, inspections, adjustments and replacements).  Our program is designed to ensure that maximum utilization of equipment is obtained while minizing expenses.   

Facilities Management is funded to perform PMs for the majority of equipment essential to the proper function of the building.  There are certain activies performed by FM that are chargeable.  Please refer to the Facilities Cost Pool Report for information on FM supported and non-supported (funded) activities. 


Repairs are activities FM performs to fix an item that is not functioning as intended.  FM's goal is to respond timely and professionally to your leaks, squeaks, breaks, graffitti, or strange noises coming from closets or rooftops.  Refer to the Facilities Cost Pool Report to determine when a repair is chargeable.


Services performed by FM  include activities such as installing shelving, moving furniture, installing keyboard trays, painting, creating signs, etc.  These activities typically do not extend the useful life of the assets.  Many service type of work is chargeable.  Refer to the Facilities Cost Pool Report to determine whether your requested activity is chargeable.