FM District Operations

Welcome to the FM District Operations web page.  We are responsible for the maintenance, repair and operations of the U of MN physical environment. We inspect campus buildings for facility needs and then evaluate and prioritize the work requests. 

Our staff of nearly 700 employees provide around the clock building maintenance and custodial operations to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the students, faculty, staff and guests of the University.  Our organization is divided into geographic areas called Districts and each district is served by 2 to 5 different teams.  A manager oversees each team and is your single point of contact for all FM questions/concerns/opportunities in your building(s).    

Click on a building in the map below to find contact information for the District Team Manager.

District Leadership

Senior Director
Dave Hutton  (612) 625-0899

AD-East Bank
Greg Berger  (612) 624-2096

AD- Health Sciences
Ron Mapston   (612) 625-6174

AD - North Campus
Mike Garza  (612) 625-5023

AD - St. Paul
Rob Tunell  (612) 624-2718

AD - West Bank
Ruthann Manlet  (612) 624-8226

AD Custodial Services
Mike Hofer   (612) 301-7616 

AD Maintenance Program
Tony Gutterman  (612) 626-2585

District Operations Organization Chart

Campus Buildings

Search the universities database of buildings to find building names, addresses, photos, etc.