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I would like to sincerely thank all the people in FM who work hard each and every day to advance the work of our university!  Without safe, reliable and welcoming facilities, this university would not be such a great success.  From educating our future leaders, inventors and creators, to saving lives through plant, animal and medical research, the custodial work performed by our dedicated professionals is crucial to our success.  

Thanks!  Mike Hofer - Associate Director Custodial Program.

Custodial Program

An Important Role

Our custodians play a key role in creating a positive experience for over 80,000 students, staff, and visitors who utilize our campus facilities each day. These dedicated professionals work to provide a safe, healthy, and clean campus that supports the University's mission.  Our services support student learning, foster creativity, make music, paint pictures, win championships, save animals, improve crops, design bridges, treat illness, find cures, and build a better future!   

What We Do

Our custodial crews consist of Supervisors, Leads, and Building and Ground (B&G) Workers grouped into Squads for a Team Cleaning approach.  These squads clean more than 250 buildings totaling 10 million square feet of space including: common areas, restrooms, clinics, labs, classrooms, libraries, lounges, offices, and more.

Examples of services we provide:
  • Remove waste and recycle
  • Clean and sanitize surfaces
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Change burnt out light bulbs
  • Shovel and salt entry ways
  • Refinish floors
  • Shampoo carpets
  • General deep cleaning

Fiscally Responsible Priorities

As stewards of public and student funds, we set priorities that put the student first.  For this reason, we schedule more frequent service in common areas and classrooms than in offices and staff areas.  These variations are reflected in the Maroon Standards that can be found in the link below.  
Thank you for your understanding.

Custodial Service (Maroon) Standards (PDF) – What we clean and how often we clean it.

Call 4-2900 for service requests or concerns

Examples of services we provide on request (fee for service):
      • Special project or event cleaning
      • Renovation/construction cleaning
      • Interior window cleaning
      • Window blind cleaning
      • Furniture cleaning
      • Carpet cleaning
      • Extra floor care

Thank You!

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Link for Supervisors and Managers.

Customer Information

To request custodial help, call the Facilities Management Call Center:

  • Dial 4-2900 (612-624-2900) 

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

U Services Emplyoee Handbook

Custodial Staff Information

Visit the Custodial Resources page to access important information, including:

  • Quality Assessment (QA) Guides
  • Probation Evaluation Link
  • Bidding Policy
  • SOP's
  • And more