Central Services

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Central Services acts as the clearing house for specialized facilities related services and information. Comprised of several teams, the unit’s primary purpose is to support Facilities Management districts (East Bank, Health Sciences, North Campus, St. Paul, and West Bank) and oversee process improvement. A single director guides the activities of distinct units, ranging from Landcare to Waste Abatement. This allows FM to centralize specialty services, gaining economies of scale through the consolidation of inventory, vehicles, tools, equipment, etc.

What We Do

While each University of Minnesota district has its own FM operations crew, there are some functions that are better served by a centralized system. Central Services oversees the management of several different groups that perform functions that are applicable to all areas of campus, as follows: 

  • FM U Construction - Acts as an in-house general contractor, coordinating medium-scale ($50K – $500K) university construction projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This centralized body combines institutional knowledge with construction management know-how to help save customers money and speed-up the project delivery process.  U Construction also serves as the portal for trade laborers to enter and leave the university. FM Service provides assistance to the FM districts with repairs, equipment replacement and overflow maintenance work; helps CPPM with utilities and other projects; and performs centrally funded projects.
  • Locksmith Services - Provides not only routine, but emergency key, core, and cylinder repairs. Our job is to respond to customer needs and to provide the best on-site service available. Whether we are cutting keys, repairing cabinet locks, or re-keying entire buildings; we handle your request in a prompt and courteous manner.
  • Technical Services - Designs, installs, maintains, and repairs security related systems on the University of Minnesota campus. Systems include burglar alarms, the central card access system, closed circuit television surveillance systems (CCTV).
  • Landcare - Presents a beautiful, safe and accessible exterior environment to campus users throughout the year. As part of the FM team, Landcare provides efficient, cost effective stewardship of natural and built campus assets. Services include grounds maintenance, landscape and irrigation design, snow removal and campus cleanliness.
  • Sign and Graphics Shop - Responsible for the fabrication and maintenance of the interior and exterior signage for the Twin Cities campus, the Signs and Graphics Shop also provides signage assistance to the Crookston, Morris, Duluth and Rochester campuses. Services include ADA compliant signs, event and temporary signs, engraved signs and awards, custom signs and design consultation.
  • Waste Recovery Services - Collects and sorts waste and recycling for the entire Twin Cities campus, and performs small scale in-house abatement services for asbestos, mold and lead. Waste is collected and sent to Hennepin County for incineration, while recycling is processed to meet acceptable standards and then sold to manufacturers. The ReUse Center relieves 250 university buildings of unwanted materials, fixtures and supplies and either redistributes them within the university or sells them to the general public. The Recycling Program collects unwanted steel, aluminum, wood, cardboard and paper, which reduces campus construction waste that would otherwise end up at the landfill. The Hazardous Material and Asbestos Abatement Program is responsible for the safe removal and handling of potentially hazardous materials in compliance with state and federal regulations. This group also monitors the air and performs bulk sampling in buildings for potentially hazardous levels of asbestos, lead and mercury vapor.

How We Do It

All Central Services offerings are delivered campus-wide and encompass both routine services (i.e. garbage removal) and project work (i.e. sign creation). Central Services contains some units, such as Landcare, which are funded from the university’s cost pools, as well as FM’s only Independent Service Organizations (ISO’s). Communication is critical to the success of Central Services as they coordinate service delivery for FM’s four geographic districts and other university departments, as well.

Contact Information

Administrative Offices
Food Ops Building
2904 Fairmount Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Interim Director
Linda Weingarten                                       
Phone: 612-624-3079
E-mail: weing020@umn.edu  


Central Services Organizational Chart (PDF)
Last Updated: January 2017