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  • Facilities Management: Safe. Reliable. Welcoming.

    Overhead photo of Northrop Plaza

    Facilities Management is responsible for managing the physical assets such as the grounds, buildings and the energy needs of the Twin Cities campus at the University of Minnesota. It’s a big job for a campus that sprawls out over 900 acres and contains a diverse mix of historically significant buildings as well as new, state-of-the-art, high-tech facilities. We work behind the scenes to make sure our campus is welcoming, reliable, and safe for all who study, work and visit here.

  • Staff Transition and Wellness Deadline

    Dear FM,

    Last week I stepped into the position of interim Associate Vice President for FM. It’s been busy making the transition into this role and moving from the Food Ops building to the Donhowe building. Of course this is also a transition for FM - a transition I’m excited about. I value the work we accomplish together and appreciate the team effort it takes to do what we do every day. We’ve reached important goals in the past due to your work, and I trust that we’ll continue to be a great team as we deliver value every day and continuously improve how we do our work. I’m proud of... Read more

  • Mike's Memo: EAM

    Mike Berthelsen the AVP for FM

    Dear FM,

    All of us in FM on the Twin Cities campus use the software tool Compass in some way. It is our primary way to track and schedule our work. Originally installed in the early 90’s, it is quite old (think of what cell phones were like in 1993!) and ready to be replaced with something much better. For the last several years we have been preparing, researching and planning through our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program.

    Last month we reviewed bids by 10 different companies to install a new system for us and asked 4 of them to come to campus in July to demonstrate... Read more