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  • Facilities Management: Safe. Reliable. Welcoming.

    Overhead photo of Northrop Plaza

    Facilities Management is responsible for managing the physical assets such as the grounds, buildings and the energy needs of the Twin Cities campus at the University of Minnesota. It’s a big job for a campus that sprawls out over 900 acres and contains a diverse mix of historically significant buildings as well as new, state-of-the-art, high-tech facilities. We work behind the scenes to make sure our campus is welcoming, reliable, and safe for all who study, work and visit here.

  • Unsung Heroes Dinner

    Dear FM,

    A couple of Fridays ago, the Sigma Pi fraternity hosted their annual Unsung Heroes Dinner to show appreciation for FM employees working behind the scenes. An annual event for the past five years or so, these students look forward to planning a hearty meal and hosting our second shift custodial workers at their 1829 University Ave. chapter house. See photos they sent below.

    HS Custodial Supervisor Meagan Schumann reported, The Sigma Pi students were great! They sat at the tables with us talking and asking questions. "They did their best to keep the food coming out hot... Read more

  • Preparing the U for Winter

    Dear FM,

    Despite the 50 degree temperatures and downpour of rain we had today, we know winter will be here soon. We have our own routines at home to prepare for the winter season -- digging out winter clothes, finding and preparing winter equipment, and making sure our homes are ready for the Minnesota cold. Similarly, FM must make the campus ready for winter in a seamless way for our customers. Here are a few examples:

    District Maintenance staff lead the transition of our building systems from cooling to heating. Over 1000 hours are spent winterizing about 1300 AC units,... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Dear FM,

    We are all looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday week, another great American tradition. Abraham lincoln proclaimed this to be a national holiday in 1863, but the custom is rooted in a celebration of the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians’ autumn harvest feast dating back to 1621. Since many of our FM team come from countries around the world, I was curious if other countries celebrated events similar to our Thanksgiving holiday. Turns out that many countries have various harvest celebrations of thanks that date back 1000 years or more, so we are relative... Read more