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  • Welcome to FM

    Mike Berthelsen with custodians

    Facilities Management's mission is to provide a safe, functional, clean, and welcoming campus. A department of University Services, Facilities Management (FM) is responsible for the physical assets of the University to ensure a quality environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors in support of the University’s mission of teaching, research and outreach. Visit our Success Stories page for more information about how FM is working to advance President Kaler’s ... Read more

  • Mulugeta Yosief & Ayube Hameda for Ed Sciences Bldg on EB


    We received a nice compliment from Stephanie about the work you two are doing in this building:

    The team that work in my building, EdSci on East Bank, does a wonderful job.  They effectively look for areas to clean and do it!  We recently needed workrooms/kitchens deep cleaned in all areas of ESci and they took care of them!  We are grateful for the excellent service we receive on a consistent basis.  Thanks!

  • Weight Watchers on campus and digital workshops

    Mike Berthelsen the AVP for FM

    Dear FM,

    After a week of spring showers we can finally enjoy the sun and warm breezes of spring.  Like many of you, I’ve continued to think about ways to stay healthy and keep moving, especially given more hospitable weather.  Today I want to share two resources available through the University wellness program: Weight Watchers and digital workshops,.

    Weight Watchers is an on-campus program offering motivational support for weight loss and maintenance in a group setting. If you’re enrolled in the University health plan, you and/or your spouse... Read more

  • JoAn Russell HS Custodial Supervisor Retires


    Congratulations on your retirement!

    I have personally enjoyed my interactions with you and always looked forward to dropping by your office.  It was clear that every one of your people enjoyed working for you because you presented a deep appreciation and respect for each and every person!  You set the example for how our employee engagement should look.  As you and I walked around you always had a kind word for each person and knew something about their personal lives.  You maintained a close connection to everyone.  What a great role model you are! 

    We are sad to lose you... Read more

  • GIS and Univ. Services

    Mike Berthelsen the AVP for FM

    Dear FM,

    As we all know, the University is an enormous place with almost 24m square feet on the Twin Cities campus.  We use the Compass software database to keep track of each building’s components, motors, moving parts and the work that we do in them. This works well for big lists of information but not well for tracking things outside, underground, and their location.  You may have heard about GIS software (Geographic Information Systems) that allow you to place trees, pipes, tunnels, roads, etc. on a University map in a way that you can visualize... Read more

  • 10k A Day Walking Challenge

    Mike Berthelsen the AVP for FM

    Dear FM,

    I’m delighted to hear that  many of you are taking on the walking challenge.  I want to spotlight Ron Mapston, Health Sciences Assistant Director, and the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) team. I am impressed by their innovation - but believe that some of your work teams could beat their numbers!  (A friendly challenge….)

    “I’m walking 22,000 steps every day or 154,000 steps per week (10 miles a day). I have been achieving my step goal each week. Since last February, I have walked 7,663,115 steps, which exceeded the requirements for... Read more