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  • Facilities Management: Safe. Reliable. Welcoming.

    Overhead photo of Northrop Plaza

    Facilities Management is responsible for managing the physical assets such as the grounds, buildings and the energy needs of the Twin Cities campus at the University of Minnesota. It’s a big job for a campus that sprawls out over 900 acres and contains a diverse mix of historically significant buildings as well as new, state-of-the-art, high-tech facilities. We work behind the scenes to make sure our campus is welcoming, reliable, and safe for all who study, work and visit here.

  • ReUse Pack and Give Back

    Dear FM,

    Every year, FM employees help keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills and provide a valuable service that helps University students save money. Each spring, as students move out of residence halls and off-campus apartments, they often dispose of furniture, school supplies, small appliances, clothing, and packaged food items. Many of these items are still in good condition and usable, and that’s when FM employees and our partners step in. Through the “Pack and Give Back” program, now in its third year, students can donate reusable items and non-perishable, pre-... Read more

  • Staff Recognition from Aquatic Center

    Dear FM,

    It’s not often that we receive such heartfelt appreciation from one of our customers, especially for a job that required several functions across FM. Linda McKee, Associate Director of Recreation and Wellness wrote:

    This letter is being submitted on behalf of Aquatic Center staff, Gopher Swimming & Diving staff and the thousands of athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators who attended the 2016 USA Swimming US Open and Junior National Championships, August 2-12.

    Following the November 2015 Arena Pro... Read more

  • Washington Ave Bridge

    Dear FM,

    It’s been a short work week due to the Labor Day holiday, so I thought I’d follow that with a short update. Today’s topic is the Washington Avenue Bridge.

    I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Washington Avenue bridge pedestrian enclosure has deteriorated over time and looks really run down with holes in the plywood, peeling paint and rusting metal frames. The whole structure will be rebuilt at some point, but we are not sure when that will happen. We asked U-Construction Carpenters to come up with a temporary solution that improved the appearance while still being cost... Read more

  • Labor Day and Football Tickets Discount

    Dear FM,

    With the state fair in full swing, students returning to class and a slight brisk feeling in the morning air, you know that summer is coming to an end. Labor Day marks the unofficial end to the summer, and for many a long weekend with barbeques and time with friends and family. It is also a time to celebrate contributions American workers have made to the strength and prosperity of our nation. Labor unions spent decades advocating for employee rights, and in 1894 Labor Day was established as a national holiday to honor the labor movement.

    This is also a time for us... Read more