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  • Welcome to FM

    Mike Berthelsen with custodians

    Facilities Management's mission is to provide a safe, functional, clean, and welcoming campus. A department of University Services, Facilities Management (FM) is responsible for the physical assets of the University to ensure a quality environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors in support of the University’s mission of teaching, research and outreach. Visit our Success Stories page for more information about how FM is working to advance President Kaler’s ... Read more

  • Thank You, FM

    Fall leaves

    Dear FM,

    A large University like ours achieves success when each of us fulfills our role and goes beyond to make our campus that much better. We're a great team because of our strong work ethic and how well we support each other in doing our important work. I am grateful for all that you do--both the celebrated and routine tasks that contribute to our success.

    If you’re able to take time off this week as part of this Thanksgiving holiday, savor your time with friends and family. If you’re here on campus making sure this great University keeps rolling forward... Read more

  • UMN Signs the White House Climate Pledge

    UMN Commitment to Climate

    Today, the White House announced that more than 200 university and college campuses signed the American Campuses Act on Climate Pledge to demonstrate their support for strong climate action by world leaders in Paris next month at the Conference on Climate Change. These schools include historically black colleges and universities, religious institutions, women’s colleges, technical schools, community colleges, all schools in the Ivy League, and a variety of public and private universities located across more than 40 states- including the University of Minnesota... Read more

  • Do Good. Feel Good. Recap of CFD.

    West Bank Staff

    Dear FM,

    Do Good. Feel Good.

    What are the things that make you feel good? As part of this year’s Community Fund Drive, staff on the West Bank asked this very question. Some of their answers included: good beer, ‘West Bank staff’, ‘blue skies’, ‘days off’, ‘helping the University with their mission’, ‘family’, and ‘great work by my team’.

    These answers and the work put forth by FM staff for the Community Fund Drive exemplify our vision... Read more

  • See Video of the Combined Heat and Power Plant

    Picture of crews working together

    We are excited to be featured on the A... Read more

  • Open Enrollment and CFD

    Flowers: CFD 2015 Logo

    Dear FM,

    The success of our FM team is based on a foundation of hard-working, healthy employees who give back to their community. In the next few days you have opportunities to ensure your and your family’s health, and assist your community. Please join me in taking advantage of these opportunities.

    Employee Benefits Open Enrollment

    Your once-a-year opportunity to alter your health and other benefits is open through November 30. This year... Read more

  • FM Principles

    Mike Berthelsen the AVP for FM

    Dear FM,

    I have described our FM mission, vision and values in my last few memos.  Today I will focus on Principles.  These not only guide our daily work, but also our decisions about where to invest, how to plan, and how to resolve competing needs.  Think of them as the ‘4 C’s’. 

    · Cost Effectiveness. This does not mean being the ‘cheapest’. We aim to provide the ‘best value’ of providing high quality outcomes at the lowest reasonable cost.    As a public institution funded by tuition dollars from our... Read more

  • Employee Engagement & the CFD

    Two workers cleaning the floor

    As we enjoy the fall colors of October we also find ourselves in the midst of two important campaigns where your involvement is critical: the Employee Engagement (E2) survey and the Community Fund Drive.  

    Employee Engagement (E2) Survey:

    The University conducts an annual survey of all employees to gather your thoughts and opinions about working here. We know that if you are treated well at work, have proper support from supervisors/managers, and have the tools and information you need - that both you and the University will... Read more

  • Our FM Stars


    Dear FM,

    Two weeks ago I wrote about FM’s mission to provide a safe, welcoming, and reliable campus for learning and discovery.  Last week, I focused on our vision to create an exceptional campus experience. Today I want to share with you FM values.  Organizations highlight values as a guide and reminder for how we need to work together. FM’s values were carefully chosen based on the type of work we do and what we need from each other to be successful.  We have also chosen Values that you can remember --

    FM Values -- the “STARS” that guide us (sorry for the... Read more

  • How You Contribute to our Vision

    UMN Campus

    Dear FM:

    In my memo last week, I focused on how our mission to provide a safe, welcoming and reliable campus for learning and discovery supports this great University. Today I want to focus on our vision and direction. A vision is a mental image of what the future could be--it is what we aspire to become. Our vision for Facilities Management is to:

    Create an Exceptional Campus Experience

    Everyone who comes to campus should leave with a positive feeling about their time here-- whether they spend their day in the classroom, the doctor’s office,... Read more

  • Celso (Sammy) Lozano

    Photo of Celso Lozano

    Celso ‘Sammy’ Lozano has worked at the University for over 38 years and retires after an extraordinary career. “His retirement is well-deserved but a huge loss to the University,” said Kelly Richardson who is a team manager on the West Bank. “He is the hardest working person I have ever met on campus,” she continued, “it’s like he splits himself into six different people and not only turns out work quickly but with the highest quality.” Jim Larson, his current supervisor, couldn’t agree more. “There is nobody better liked than Sammy!”

    In addition to being everyone’s friend, he is... Read more

  • FM, Our Mission, & You


    Dear FM,

    Last year in the Employee Engagement Survey you told me that you were looking to better understand the direction of the Department.  I heard your concern. Over the next month, FM Supervisors, Managers, and I will be talking more about this. We look forward to sharing the updated FM Strategic Plan that includes our Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles, and Values. Today, I want to focus on the mission of FM and be clear about ‘Why We Exist’ and our role in the University. Our updated plan will help us make choices about where we put our efforts, how we spend our... Read more

  • Employee Engagement Continues

    Mike Berthelsen the AVP for FM

    Hi Team,

    Employee engagement and recognition is a central focus for our Facilities Management organization. Among other recognitions, you may remember ‘Beautiful Building’ awards which we have modified to ‘Terrific Team’ awards.  As part of this effort, Mike Hofer, the Associate Director of Custodial Program, has rolled out a new “U are GOLD” program focused on the great work of custodial teams – meant to recognize efforts throughout the year. In the world of custodial services, great work often goes unnoticed until something gets missed. To counter this, we’re... Read more

  • Thank you and Happy Labor Day

    Mike Berthelsen the AVP for FM

    Dear FM,

    As we approach Labor Day Weekend, I have several wishes for you:

    1.  That you take some well-earned time off: In the spirit of Labor Day, I want to thank you for the work that you do.  I hope you are able to enjoy some well-earned time off with your families and friends. Given the Labor Day holiday, I also want to recognize the many decades of work that Unions have done to advocate on behalf of employee rights. The result of their work is the cornerstone of today’s work environment.

    2.  That you are safe: The recent fatality... Read more